Saturday, February 28, 2009

Statement by Former President George W. Bush on the Death of Paul Harvey:

"Laura and I are saddened by the death of Paul Harvey. Paul was a friendly and familiar voice in the lives of millions of Americans. His commentary entertained, enlightened, and informed. Laura and I are pleased to have known this fine man, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family."

- Former President George W. Bush

Mr. Harvey's former home page

A most humble salute to a truly great American.

Thank you Paul.

We are a little jealous.

xtnyoda, shalomed

Friday, 27 Feb 2009

Posted By CNBC's Larry Kudlow, Anchor

Let me be very clear on the economics of President Obama’s State of the Union speech and his budget.

He is declaring war on investors, entrepreneurs, small businesses, large corporations, and private-equity and venture-capital funds.

That is the meaning of his anti-growth tax-hike proposals, which make absolutely no sense at all — either for this recession or from the standpoint of expanding our economy’s long-run potential to grow.

Raising the marginal tax rate on successful earners, capital, dividends, and all the private funds is a function of Obama’s left-wing social vision, and a repudiation of his economic-recovery statements. Ditto for his sweeping government-planning-and-spending program, which will wind up raising federal outlays as a share of GDP to at least 30 percent, if not more, over the next 10 years.....

Study after study over the past several decades has shown how countries that spend more produce less, while nations that tax less produce more. Obama is doing it wrong on both counts.

And as far as middle-class tax cuts are concerned, Obama’s cap-and-trade program will be a huge across-the-board tax increase on blue-collar workers, including unionized workers. Industrial production is plunging, but new carbon taxes will prevent production from ever recovering. While the country wants more fuel and power, cap-and-trade will deliver less.....

What Kudlow is describing is a governmental application of the much reported "Ponzi Scheme" we have heard about lately in the news... except now it is the government that is perpetrating the Ponzi format to tax paying American's.
From Wikipedia...

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to investors from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors rather than from profit...

We are being led to pay people and programs today... with tomorrow's taxpayers.

Our own little governmental Ponzi Scheme... so who's going to prison over this one?

Now... just how long do you thing Kudlow is going to keep his job at CNBC? He certainly isn't towing the party line here...

Stay tuned... there is a rout coming...

xtnyoda, shalomed
RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama plans to repeal a Bush administration rule that has become a flash point in the debate over a doctor's right not to participate in abortions. The regulation, instituted in the last days of the Bush administration, strengthened job protections for doctors and nurses who refuse to provide a medical service because of moral qualms....

Of course we get the typical denials... "Oh, no, we aren't going to force doctors and nurses to perform abortions... no one is going to force a health care provider to assist an abortion if their conscience dictates that they actually keep the Hippocratic Oath they took to do no harm to patients under their... care..."

Every one who believes this... don't hold you breath waiting to find out if they mean what they say... they already force health care providers to set aside babies who survive botched abortions to die miserably... and alone... and without aid... and in pain...

Already force them... so where do you imagine this is going?

Holding your breath?

You will be in need of a health care provider... and who knows what they will be forced to do to you...

xtnyoda, shalomed
Let's see now... a cultural exchange in the making... with a terrorist nation that wants to annihilate Israel, America, Western Civilization...


Feb 27,2009

A top-level team from the Hollywood movie industry traveled to Iran on a non-government mission, for a weekend of cultural and creative exchange meetings, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said Friday.

"I can confirm that a group of Academy members ... are currently in Iran" on a "completely private initiative for educational and creative exchange and with no political agenda," AMPAS director of communications Leslie Unger told AFP.

She confirmed Iranian media reports saying the delegation included AMPAS president Sid Ganis, former president Frank Pierson, actress Annette Bening and producer William Horberg....

Iranian media said the AMPAS group would hold a series of meetings Saturday and Sunday in Tehran.

US-Iranian diplomatic relations were severed 30 years ago after Iran's Islamic revolution, and the rift has been further aggravated since Tehran controversially revived its nuclear program.

But Washington and Tehran have been showing tentative policy shifts after US President Barack Obama earlier this month said his administration would be ready in coming months to hold a "face-to-face" talk with Tehran.

breitbart article

OK... a cultural exchange...

Let's see now... Iran hates us because of our culture.

Our women expose their faces and wear shorts in public...
Gays can openly demonstrate in our streets...
We have freedom of worship...
Girls can get an education and pursue any vocation they wish...
We have a free press...
We have freedom of speech...
We have a fairly neutral justice system...
We have a government that is not ruled by religious zealots, but rather by the people...
We don't behead our wives and our children over honor...
We don't behead journalists...
We don't sponsor groups that target to kill civilians, esp women and children...
We eat pork...
We don't drink the blood of sheep and goats for worship...
We can freely draw cartoons about or most cherished institutions...
We don't marry off nine year old girls to pedophiles...


So just what cultural exchange are our Hollywood magnates hoping to accomplish? Every cultural agenda they stand for carries the death penalty in Iran.

One can only hope that our Hollywood magnates will try to shove their socialist/liberal cultural agendas down Iran's throat...

Then our Hollywood magnates had better guard their own throats...

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Lou Dobbs, on CNN, goes ballistic over the Terrorism and Forfeiture of Freedom Act (immigration bill) being considered in Congress.



Whoever sponsored this "bill" should be impeached immediately.

xtnyoda, shalomed

H/T to Captain

Thursday, February 26, 2009

President Obama needs someone checking his facts before he speaks. There is much more information and analysis from factcheck org below.

H/T Jeremy

Fact-Checking Obama's Speech
February 25, 2009
The president gets facts wrong about oil imports, mortgage aid and the transcontinental railroad, and more.


President Obama's first speech to a joint session of Congress was stuffed with signals about the new direction his budget will take and meant-to-be reassuring words about the economy. But it was also peppered with exaggerations and factual misstatements.

# He said "we import more oil today than ever before." That's untrue. Imports peaked in 2005 and are substantially lower today.

# He claimed his mortgage aid plan would help "responsible" buyers but not those who borrowed beyond their means. But even prominent defenders of the program including Fed Chairman Bernanke and FDIC chief Bair concede foolish borrowers will be aided, too.

# He said the high cost of health care "causes a bankruptcy in America every 30 seconds." That's at least double the true figure.

# He flubbed two facts about American history. The U.S. did not invent the automobile, and the transcontinental railroad was not completed until years after the Civil War, not during it.

# He claimed that his stimulus plan "prevented the layoffs" of 57 police officers in Minneapolis. In fact, it's far more complicated than that, and other factors are also helping to save police jobs.
Toby Harnded, US editor for the UK Telegraph, has been doing a little math for we over here in the US on the tax burden that is coming down on the heads of US citizens that actually pay taxes...

Posted By: Toby Harnden, US Editor for the Telegraph UK, Feb 26, 2009

So how much will President Barack Obama's budget cost us? The projected 2010 budget of $3.552 trillion can be found on page 114 of the "New Era of Responsibility" budget here.

The US Census bureau estimates that the current US population is 304,059,724. Dividing the $3.552 trillion by that gives us close to the $11,833 that Drudge came up with. ABC's Jake Tapper reports that there will be $989 billion in new taxes over the next decade.

I'm an American taxpayer and the starkest figure is what this could cost me. The latest figure I could find for the number of US taxpayers is 138,893,908 returns in 2007 here. By my reckoning, that's $25,573.48 each.

telegraph UK

So... it takes a British publication to tell we Americans what the Bailout/Pigulous Entitlement Package is going to actually cost each American tax payer that actually pays taxes?

I said this some time ago, and am even more convinced that we need a new amendment to our constitution that stipulates that only Americans who actually pay taxes have the right to vote.

Just present your IRS tax return adorned with an official raised IRS Seal stamped to the document at the voting polls, with proof of American citizenship of course, and... presto... you get a ballot!

We would therefore place all entitlements under the gracious care of actual tax payers vs political condescension and scorn for those who actually work for a living.

That would go a long way to actually Reinventing the American Dream.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Good and Faithful servant.

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Monday, February 23, 2009


I've been away for a few days in a revival in another part of our state. (I love revivals!) This is actually the first time I have been near a computer since we left three days ago. Sorry for the absence... and I'll be gone for two more days after this message.

I did want to make a brief comment about the Oscars, as I did get to see a little of them in the hotel room last night.

To sum up in a few words... I am totally disgusted with the whole lot of the Academy Awards.

They just seem to be more and more like a plethora of fodder in a pig sty.

Harking every imaginable disgraceful act as not simply normal, but also desirable, has just turned me a color of pale green with nausea.

To see Mr. Penn, stand there condemning the citizen's proposition in California that refused to grant marriage to "same sex" partners... as something evil... was one thing... but... to see the entire gallery of celebrities cheering approval of his diatribe against heterosexual monogamy was just the tipping point of pure disdain.

The "entertainment" industry is flexing their self conferred scepter of immoral, self-righteous, authority... and it has become too painful to endure.

To their discredit.

There was a day when Hollywood carried at least a semblance of acceptance, if not friendship, toward the nuclear family... but no more.

Would that we would see what is... for... what is.

Creation is groaning...

xtnyoda, shalomed.

Thursday, February 19, 2009



Justice... delivered on Calvary... greatest agony...
to absolve... THE WRATH.

Now... free... clean... fresh.
Like giggling waters tumbling down gullies
of melting ice packs...
in the spring shine of a
smiling... glowing sun.

Even in the night
I am caressed and wrapped...
in awe...
and wonder...
and joy.

Dear One...
Would you bring the outcast to me?
To join me...
on my knees...
bowing here at your wounded feet...

Like finding a bridge
over raging...
torrents of frozen rage...
that shatter the heart
like spikes of molten lead...

Bring the outcast
to join me here.
With You.

xtnyoda, shalomed


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Bill Clinton's plan to get people off welfare was a masterpiece of national legislation.

In one fail crisis his legacy has been reversed.

The video has the goods.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Aren’t Late Night Comics Looking For Obama Material?
by John Lott

Could you imagine if Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush had used a teleprompter to answer questions during a press conference? The late night joke writers wouldn’t have let it go until the President gave in to the merciless ridicule as he was painted as an idiot who couldn’t tie his shoes without being fed instructions on how to do it.

While people who watched Obama’s first national press conference noticed his use of a teleprompter to give his initial presentation as well as in answering questions, the media and late night joke writers completely ignored it....

Apparently, Obama is looking to install a computer screen into the podium so that, according to one Obama advisor, ”It would make it easier for the comms guys to pass along information without being obvious about it.” Obama’s aids would put together answers to a large number of possible questions so as soon as a reporter asks a particular question the computer screen would flash talking points to remind Obama how he’s supposed to respond to that question....

big hollywood

This is going to get nasty friends.

It is kind of like a marriage. All people getting married are abject liars, and nobody actually marries the person they think they are marrying. It usually takes about two years to figure how who it is that one has actually married.

I mean guys lie to the girls, "I would love to go shopping with you...just to be with you!"


The girls, "Oh, I would love to go fishing with you Saturday!"


OK. We have heard the rhetoric during the campaign and we again believed a politician.

In about two years we are going to know who we have actually married... or perhaps two months may be more like it in this case.

Again, it won't be the ones who never bought the rhetoric to start with that are going to be the presidents real haters... it is going to be the ones who really, "believed" and then discover that they were deceived.

Payday is coming.

xtnyoda, shalomed

Monday, February 16, 2009

I must apologize. With the Muslim husband cutting off his wife's head to try and improve America's image of Islam... with the president and congress outright lying to the American public about giving us at least five days to view any legislation before a vote... and then giving less that one day for congress to see the pigulous package before a forced vote...

Well... that's enough. I've just been to disgusted to speak right now.

We are in trouble as a nation... from the inside...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brutally Honest

Rick has a VERY DISTURBING piece on Muslim Terrorist Training Camps operating in the USA... right on our own soil... right in our front yard, let alone the back yard.

A sample:

The newly released documentary by the Christian Action Network referenced above provides a cursory look at the terrorist organization Jamaat ul Fuqra, and their front organization known as the Muslims of the Americas headquartered in Hancock, New York. As extensively reported by the Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press, professional investigators from the Northeast Intelligence Network conducted surreptitious field investigative and covert surveillance operations of this organization over the last few years. The results of those investigations are, in fact, contained in the 2006 Justice Department document labeled “Dissemination Restricted to Law Enforcement” which lies at the core of this documentary.

Think we need to follow this?

I certainly do.

Friday, February 13, 2009

OH... BOY!

Senator Boehner is just a little perturbed.

America was promised at least 48 hours to preview the bill before a vote. The House and Senate received it about 11pm last evening and are being asked to vote on it this evening... let's see... how's my math... less than one day to preview... that's less than 24 hours... hummm...

AND... did you see that the big-time lobbyists were getting the bill in their hands before Congress? And... we were promised that lobbyists weren't going to have the same freedom of access to Congress as in the past?

Congressional Offices Don't Have the Stimulus Bill, Lobbyists Do
February 12, 2009

By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

We're receiving E-mails from Capitol Hill staffers expressing frustration that they can't get a copy of the stimulus bill agreed to last night at a price of $789 billion. What's more, staffers are complaining about who does have a copy: K Street lobbyists. E-mails one key Democratic staffer: "K Street has the bill, or chunks of it, already, and the congressional offices don't....
US News

Now... isn't this a much more transparent and accountable administration... just like promised.

One more quick query... just who is it that writes 1,100 pages of type for something like this anyway? It is obvious that it certainly wasn't congressmen... they don't even know what is in it... at least the Republicans don't because they weren't allowed to be a part of the writing process... even though that is EXACTLY what the American people elected them to do.

Just a very sad day in American history.

Sad, sad, day.

God so loVed the world,
That He gAve
His onLy
That whosoever
Believeth In Him
Should Not perish,
But have Everlasting life."

John 3:16

Here is a heart warming story of a firefighter who saved a little baby girls life 40 years ago. A story of heroism and gratitude. Go read it all after you watch the video.

You will be glad you did.


In 1968, a white firefighter saved a black baby girl, touching the heart of a divided city....

The firefighter crawled on his stomach through the pitch-black apartment, the smoke so thick he couldn't see his hand in front of his face. Somewhere inside was a baby and he had to find her.

A window broke, light filled the room, and he saw her lying in her crib, dressed only in a diaper, unconscious. Soot covered her tiny nose. She wasn't breathing and had no pulse.

He grabbed her and breathed life into her as he ran from the apartment.

A newspaper photograph captured their image - a white firefighter from South Boston with his lips pressed to the mouth of a black baby from the Roxbury public housing development - at a time when riots sparked by racial tensions were burning down American cities.

But despite this most intimate of introductions, they remained strangers. William Carroll won a commendation for the rescue, stayed on the job another 34 years, and retired. Evangeline Harper grew up, lost her family to drugs and illness, had six children of her own, and became a nursing and teaching assistant. And through it all someone would often tell her the story about the day she almost died and the man who would not let it happen. She always wanted to meet him and say thank you.

Yesterday, more than 40 years after the fire, she finally did....



Thursday, February 12, 2009


Thu Feb 12 2009 16:18:14 ET

For Immediate Release:
Thursday, February 12, 2009

Senator Gregg Statement on His Withdrawal for Consideration of U.S. Commerce Secretary

Sen. Gregg stated, “I want to thank the President for nominating me to serve in his Cabinet as Secretary of Commerce. This was a great honor, and I had felt that I could bring some views and ideas that would assist him in governing during this difficult time. I especially admire his willingness to reach across the aisle.

“However, it has become apparent during this process that this will not work for me as I have found that on issues such as the stimulus package and the Census there are irresolvable conflicts for me. Prior to accepting this post, we had discussed these and other potential differences, but unfortunately we did not adequately focus on these concerns. We are functioning from a different set of views on many critical items of policy.

“Obviously the President requires a team that is fully supportive of all his initiatives.

“I greatly admire President Obama and know our country will benefit from his leadership, but at this time I must withdraw my name from consideration for this position..."

drudge report via Brutally Honest

I mentioned two days ago that there was going to be trouble around moving the census of 2010 away from the Department of Commerce to the White House instead... and low and behold we have this breaking out. This is simply a breathtaking development friends... breathtaking.

Senator Gregg has in fact told the world that he is not going to work for an administration that commits illegal acts against our nation.

Yes, this is heating up indeed... and there are some who better start considering a possible need to take cover.

xtnyoda, shalomed

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


By Jay Shankar and James Rupert

Feb. 12 (Bloomberg) -- The Obama administration and the United Nations condemned Taliban suicide attacks on Afghan government buildings in central Kabul yesterday that killed 26 people before a U.S. envoy visits the capital.

Militants struck the Justice Ministry building located a few hundred yards from President Hamid Karzai’s offices, in the closest attack to Afghanistan’s center of power since a January 2008 suicide bombing at the Serena Hotel.

The U.S. said the “brutal tactics” of the Taliban only strengthen American resolve to defeat the insurgency. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he was appalled by the “coordinated attacks targeting the people and institutions that are committed to building a better future for Afghanistan.”...

“This horrendous crime was committed against innocent civilians with total disrespect for human life,”....

“It hardens our resolve,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters yesterday. “But it also hardens our resolve to get the next steps in Afghanistan right.”

Obama will likely decide in the “next few days” whether to send more troops to Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said two days ago....



This doesn't sound like there is going to be a great deal of negotiating going on here with the Taliban... does it?

It is going to be interesting to see how the new administration's, "Listen to them" policy is going to play out.

Esp. if the only sound we are listening to is bursting bombs from suicide attacks... targeting civilians...

Welcome aboard President Obama. Let's see how rhetoric plays out on the battle field. If you are finding the Republicans difficult to deal with...

xtnyoda, shalomed


Robin Lloyd, LiveScience Senior Editor


With the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin this week, people around the world are celebrating his role as the father of evolutionary theory. Events and press releases are geared, in part, to combat false claims made by some who would discredit the theory.

One frequently cited "hole" in the theory: Creationists claim there are no transitional fossils, aka missing links. Biologists and paleontologists, among others, know this claim is false.

As key evidence for evolution and species' gradual change over time, transitional creatures should resemble intermediate species, having skeletal and other body features in common with two distinct groups of animals, such as reptiles and mammals, or fish and amphibians...


From the purveyors of class distinction and natural racism comes this pitiful attempt to justify class warfare and hatred.

Natural Selection is the single most destructive theory ever perpetrated on the Human Race. It justifies the segregation of humanity into higher and lower caste systems... attributes greater and lesser value to different tribes of the human genome... and gives scientific justification to class extermination.

Only in the Word of God do we find:

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." Gal 3:28 (ESV)

Only through YahShua do we discover the true value and unity in the race of mankind.

Every attempt to move human understanding into a framework based on the non-involvement of YHWH in the creation of the universe and humanity, will ultimately result in the perversion of existence. When we are led to make nature the source of existence... we are de facto taken into the court of a violent and unforgiving behemoth of destruction and rage against the weak and most vulnerable...

And... should one go to the article and read the pitiful sources stated as examples of transitional species... one will find a listing of subjection and pure speculation on the part of ardent believers... believers in the Religion of Violent Selection.

This is Evil Personified.

xtnyoda, shalomed


Follow an amazing statement for just a moment...

James 4:8
Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.
(from Holman Christian Standard Bible® Copyright © 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003 by Holman Bible Publishers.)

For the child of God the invitation is issued, "Draw near..."

Quite different in the Middle World (fallen race of men)... the Middle World of groveling in desperate fear before the Separate One (HOLY), whose very Name "YHWH", when spoken... meant annihilation. The One whose elect nation stood at the base of the Mountain crying out to Moses to ascend into The Presence lest they be destroyed at not just The Vision... but slaughtered at the very Sound of The Voice of the Eternal One...

Now comes the distinction between Middle Earth and the Present Earth in which the child of God is the only citizen... listen... "Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you."

Do you hear the sound of fresh oil?

Before it was YHWH to be feared... now... when the howling storms of life assail... the beckon of heaven is "draw near."

Have you noticed the preceding words to our instruction today? Now this is fun...

James 4:7
"...Submit to God. But resist the Devil, and he will flee from you."

In Middle Earth it was for us to flee from YHWH... now it is for the Devil to flee from us as we... submit... and...

draw near to YHWH.

Ahhhh... here is rest for the soul.

xtnyoda, shalomed


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tracking site?


Check back after the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to see how and where your tax dollars are spent.

An oversight board will routinely update this site as part of an unprecedented effort to root out waste, inefficiency, and unnecessary spending in our government.

Jeremy sends me to this site that has the above statement and purpose. It is from the White House. Jeremy tells me that the site is going to be used by Obama to track the changes taking place... so... we are going to get to see the same briefing info as Obama?

Want to follow along with the president?



The following is a letter from Ranking Member Darrell Issa (R-CA) of The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and Ranking Member Patrick McHenry (R-NC) of the Information Policy, Census and National Archives Subcommittee.

The White House is sending definite signals that Obama is going to move the National Census from it legal oversight to oversight by the White House itself.

The census is how we decide how to block off state's representative districts, and in a nutshell, the democrats are wanting oversight of the census to include illegal aliens in the National Census.

Guess why?

Dear Mr. President,

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has direct legislative jurisdiction and oversight over the Census, and as such we are shocked and dismayed at this morning’s press reports of the blatant partisan and political maneuvers your Administration is currently undertaking with regards to the Census Bureau.[1] Requiring the Census Director to report directly to the White House and circumventing the Secretary of Commerce is both outrageous and unprecedented.

Requiring the Census Director to report directly to White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is a shamefully transparent attempt by your Administration to politicize the Census Bureau and manipulate the 2010 Census.[2] The Constitutionally-mandated Decennial Census needs to be fair, accurate and trusted. By circumventing the Secretary of Commerce’s oversight of the Census Bureau and handing it directly to a political operative such as Mr. Emanuel, you are severely jeopardizing the fairness and accuracy of the 2010 Census. Mr. Emanuel, who is a former colleague and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman, has a reputation that has been described as “one of hyper-partisanship,”[3] and thus has no business overseeing the activities of the Census Bureau, a division of the Commerce Department that needs to remain free and clear of any and all political considerations.

Moreover, requiring the Census Director to report directly to the White House and placing responsibility for administration of the Bureau outside the Department of Commerce may even violate Federal law. According to Title 13 of the U.S. Code, the Bureau is to be administered “within, and under the jurisdiction of, the Department of Commerce.”[4] According to U.S. Code, the Executive Branch is limited to providing support for the Bureau in the form of information and resources. Under Title 13, the Secretary of the Department of Commerce may interact with the Executive Branch, and the entirety of the federal government “for information pertinent to the work” of the Bureau.[5]

As you know, the Decennial Census is not only Constitutionally-mandated; the results of it are utilized in the allocation of federal funding and the apportionment of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. As such, the Census process needs to be completely free of political manipulation and interference, in order to produce fair, accurate and trustworthy results. This will be impossible if you follow through with proposed plans to outrageously and without precedence circumvent the Secretary of Commerce and place direct oversight of the Census Bureau in the hands of the hyper-partisan White House Chief of Staff. This decision will also jeopardize Census Program funding and trigger unanimous opposition to your next Census Director out of fear that a respectable Federal agency is being politicized. For these reasons we respectfully request that you not follow through with a course of action that will shamefully politicize the operations of the Census Bureau and jeopardize the fairness and accuracy of the 2010 Census.

Committee on Oversight and Government Reform letter to Obama

This move by Obama is a violation of federal law and makes the National Census a partisan political machine.

Bad, bad news from the White House.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Meet Logan. Give him two and a half minutes of your time.

A nice follow-up to the previous post.
picture by Allan Allsaitis

This meager offering... for the First Responders... finding a child...


The tragedy nobody wants to see.
The new...
lifeless body of a child.

How do you not hold them?
How do you morn?

Then, there is so often...
to often...
The Mother... the Father.

I've stood there... in the rain...
Rain, that washes your soul...
of hope.

Like the whirlpool
to the darkest depths below...
The forever nightmare.

I've stood there...
With the Mother...
With the Father...

You have absolutely nothing to give...
Yet... you give all.

You know what?

Even God could not look...
When the Star of Heaven cried...
God could not watch.
Heaven closed her eyes.
Creation shook at the horror...
Of the broken Child.

In that greatest moment of desperation...
Why did you hide!
Not even a single drop of presence...
Save the vinegar...

Bitter cup.

All I know is that...

You know.

Would you hold them...
Through me?
For just a moment...
Could I die with them?

would you...

xtnyoda, shalomed... yet shaken


Is it not strange how this kind of thing is being done... under stealth of night... quietly... discretely... almost secretly?


BAGHDAD – A senior Iraqi security official says that four prisoners have been transferred from the U.S. military detention center in Guantanamo Bay to Iraqi custody.

The security official says the men, Iraqis who were arrested in Afghanistan, have been interrogated by Iraqi authorities.

The official, who spoke Monday on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, added that one Iraqi remained in Guantanamo.


Yes, I wish our government would be required to loudly broadcast the upcoming release of every terrorist that we have in custody.

Just like in our states, whose parole boards are required to hold public hearings before a prisoner is released, I think the families of victims of terrorist attacks should be granted at least the same "rights"... instead of these transfers and releases of terrorists being sort of... leaked out after the fact?

And... the meeting our president called for last week with the victim families was not to hear their concerns, but to simply give them a chance to hear him, for the decision had already been made.

Not Justice.

Not Just treatment of grieving families.

Bully politics.

Talk about denial of a basic human "right."

xtnyoda, shalomed

H/T Jeremy.
Hummmmmm... we now have the leader of the COMMUNIST PARTY USA welcoming our new president and his coalition to the scene.

Now... why would the leader of the Communist Party USA be so excited about an incoming president and his administration?

...This movement, or if you like, this loose coalition in which labor plays a larger and larger leadership role, can exercise an enormous influence on the political process. Never before has a coalition with such breadth walked on the political stage of our country. It is far larger than the coalition that entered the election process a year ago; it is larger still than the coalition that came out of the Democratic Party convention in August.

The task of labor and its allies is to provide energy and leadership to this wide-ranging coalition. Yes, we can bring issues and positions into the political process that go beyond the initiatives of the Obama administration. But we should do this within the framework of the main task of supporting Obama’s program of action.

We can disagree with the Obama administration without being disagreeable. Our tone should be respectful. We now have not simply a friend, but a people's advocate in the White House.

When the administration and Congress take positive initiatives, they should be wholeheartedly supported and welcomed. Nor should anyone think that everything will be done in 100 days. After all, main elements of the New Deal were codified into law in 1935, 1936 and 1937.

Of course, change won’t be easy. The pressures to weaken, even mothball, progressive, anti-corporate measures will come from many quarters.

That said, the opportunities for working class and people's gains are extraordinary. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Starring us in the face are some immediate challenges.

First, we have to support the passage of the President's stimulus bill in the Senate.

Second, we have to bloc any Republican efforts to derail the nomination of Hilda Solis, the nominee for the Secretary of Labor. This is the first round in the battle to pass the EFCA. Some may think this is a struggle of only the labor movement. But nothing could be further from the truth. A bigger labor movement in this country would strengthen the struggle on every front. No one expressed this point better than Martin Luther King toward the end of his life.

Third, we have to join others in resisting evictions and foreclosures – not to mention cutbacks and layoffs at the state and city level.

Fourth, the wars of occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan have to be brought to a close. As former President Lyndon Johnson realized too late, wars of occupation (in this case Vietnam) can quickly ruin a presidency that has great promise.

Well, you probably have other and probably better ideas.

In any case, we have our work cut out for us. But I think we can confidently say that change is coming. And we will build a more perfect union.

Yes We Can!

communist party usa

I wonder if Big Labor knows how much they are... liked by the USA communists? And, to refer to this administration as a "once in a lifetime opportunity"...

And to see the list of CPUSA objectives they think/hope that will be addressed by our president...

* Public ownership of the financial system and the elimination of the shadow banking system and exotic derivatives.

* Public control of the Federal Reserve Bank.

* Counter-crisis spending of a bigger size and scope to invigorate and sustain a full recovery and meet human needs – something that the New Deal never accomplished.

* Strengthening of union rights in order to rebalance the power between labor and capital in the economic and political arenas.

* Trade agreements that have at their core the protection and advancement of international working class interests.

* Equality in conditions of life for racially minorities and women.

* Democratic public takeover of the energy complex as well as a readiness to consider the takeover of other basic industries whose future is problematic in private hands.

* Turning education, childcare, and healthcare into “no profit” zones.

* Rerouting investment capital from unproductive investment (military, finance and so forth) to productive investment in a green economy and public infrastructure.

* Changing direction of our nation’s foreign policy toward cooperation, disarmament, and diplomacy. We can’t have threats, guns and military occupations on the one hand and butter, democracy, goodwill, and peace on the other.

* Full scale assault on global warming.

And all this and much more in the article coming directly from the Communist Party USA...

Pretty sobering stuff.

xtnyoda, shalomed

H/T World Net Daily

Saturday, February 07, 2009




President Obama... are you listening? Like you said you were going to listen to terrorist nations?

Do you understand what you are hearing... from home?

H/T Rick
Fireman Gary G. Swenchonis, Jr. Denied Justice Here in the Country that he gave his life for. Gary's Father, "President Obama: Do you know how much it hurts to see you drop the charges against our sons killers? First the Dictator of Yemen freed our son's killers. And now you sir. We had hoped for some justice here in our own country. But now it appears that politics are more important than justice and the truth."


Friday, February 6, 2009

...It came as no surprise to me when an Obama's aide called to tell me that we had an invitation to attend a meeting where president Obama would explain his reasons for dismissing the charges against the terrorists. I told him that it was on a short notice and that we would not be attending.

Why attend a meeting when you already know the inevitable outcome... I knew that I would have to tell my wife later on when we got home that our murdered son's trail had become a victim of petty politics. And that she would be upset and hurt yet again.

I wish that our government would not play the head games that they have played with the victims families....

While my family, myself and a good majority of Americans are wondering how can the Military Commissions Tribunals which were approved by congress can be overturned a by a President who does not agree with them. That's not a democracy... As victims we had hoped that our own government would show us a little more respect. Wrong!

Back in 2000 right after the attack on the Cole we refused to meet with President Clinton, and I also refused to speak with Vice President Gore....

I am sick to death of all the support that these terrorists have here in America. From Human Rights Groups to the far left loonies. I am working at obtaining a lawyer to find out if we the victim's families and the actual victims have any constitutional rights. Are if those rights are only reserved for the terrorists who murdered our son. I have grown weary and tired of watching my sons mother and sister be hurt by their own government time after time again....

We chose not to meet with Clinton because we had no respect for the man. We knew he had done nothing for the victims of the Embassy bombings, and expected that he would make only empty promises like he had after all the other bombings on his watch. We were right. My decision as not to meet President Obama was not because I disrespected the man, but that he had already made his decision quite clear to everyone....

I just read where the White House speaker for Obama stated "the president is interested in swift justice". 8 friking long years to bring one of the terrorists to trial to only have the charges dismissed on the terrorist! And that's Obama's idea of swift justice? Oh please!

the Father's blog site

This in follow up to yesterday's post about the fire analogy. Go read the entire post by this distraught Father and Mother of a murdered son...

Looks like we are going to play politics for awhile instead of protecting America and defending the honor of our nation's dead at the hands of terrorists.

Friday, February 06, 2009

In some 35 years of ministry life, and a few years shy of 60 years of life in general, I've learned the following about personality types. I have deduced that there are basically 4 personality types among human beings as concerning tragedy. I will use the analogy of a fire for any tragedy event.

1. First, there are those insistent on setting fires.

2. Secondly, there are those who when they see a fire... they run the other way... run away from the fire.

3. Thirdly, there are those who seem attracted to watch fires... to stand and gawk at the tragedy.

4. Fourthly, there are those who run to fires... to assist the victims... and fight the fires.

Rick at Brutally Honest has a very disturbing piece today... very disturbing. If the piece proves to be true then there is a new fifth category of humanity I hadn't contemplated before...

5. Fifthly, there are those who leap into the fire to burn to death... and take as many others with them as possible.

xtnyoda, shalomed

Thursday, February 05, 2009



By PHILIP ELLIOTT, Associated Press

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama said Thursday he will establish a White House office of faith-based initiatives that will show no favoritism to any religious group and adhere to the strict separation of church and state.

Addressing the National Prayer Breakfast, Obama spoke of how faith has often been a divisive tool, responsible for war and prejudice. But, he said, "there is no religion whose central tenet is hate" and all religions teach people to love and care for one another. That is the common ground underlying his faith-based office, he said....

Obama planned to sign an executive order later in the day creating the White House Office on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. It would expand and refocus the faith-based office founded by former President George W. Bush....

yahoo report


I've always been very concerned about this entire "faith based initiative" issue... from the get-go.

Didn't care for it under Bush, don't care for this new development under Obama either. We are talking American tax payer's money here, being placed into the hands of "faith" groups... and I am just skeptical of it.

For one thing, how are we going to define a "faith" group? Obama seems pretty insistent that the category is going to be very broad. Pretty soon your are going to be talking about the government using "faith" groups to simply become the distributing arm of one more government social program.

And, not just people being sucked into government dependency, but now you have "faith" groups becoming dependent on our tax dollars as well.

The faith groups will be paying lease payments on their own facilities, utility payments, and of course salary payments for their employees doing the "faith based ministries"... from the tax dollars... therefore the groups themselves become dependent on tax money for their existence.

I've seen it happening under Bush's plan, and it will no doubt continue under Obama's plan as well.

I just don't like it.

Let the church be the church... and do the work of the church... and keep the government out of our accounts and ministries... period.

xtnyoda, shalomed

From the Heartland Institute.

The Back Draft has finally begun!

In March they are hosting a new kind of Climate gathering... one that is finally telling the truth in New York City.

Al... phone home!

xtnyoda, shalomed :-)


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A video of one of America's/the world's best.

An American soldier medic is gunned down by an insurgent sniper... then rises and pursues his attackers. He then saves the life of the wounded insurgent who shot him.

You will see the sniper's own video and hear them talking about taking their shot... then the American response...



xtnyoda, shalomed

Video courtesy of the History Channel and Right Wing Sparkle

"The Jews created the Holocaust" and "US planned 9/11"
By Einar Koch

Pope Benedict XVI's decision to rehabilitate Holocaust-denier Bishop Richard Williamson back into the Catholic Church has been heavily criticised... Williamson (68) was excommunicated from the Catholic Church in 1988 and has now been rehabilitated by Benedict XVI. He is currently in the priest seminary of the ultra conservative Society of St. Pius X, in Argentina, hidden behind thick walls lined with barbed wire...

A couple of Bishop Williamson quotes are in order I think:

“The Jews created the Holocaust so we would prostrate ourselves on our knees before them and approve of their new State of Israel... Jews made up the Holocaust"

"Protestants get their orders from the devil, and the Vatican has sold its soul to liberalism."

Williamson also proclaims that on 9/11 the two towers weren’t destroyed by terrorist suicide bombers in abducted airplanes that we have all seen on video... but rather
“they were professionally demolished by a series of demolition charges from the top to bottom of the towers.”
The bishop believes that the US planned the attacks for their own means and that
“without 9/11, it would have been impossible to attack in Afghanistan or Iraq… And now the same forces want to do the same thing to Iran. . . They may well be plotting another 9/11."

The Bishop also has strong sexist beliefs, and wrote in a 2001 letter that women shouldn’t be allowed secondary education or to wear trousers:
“Alas, women going to university is part of the whole massive onslaught on God's Nature which characterizes our times.”

And... right up there with Williamson's psychopathic rantings are the prevaricators of the Global Warming hysteria... such as this yesterday from our new Energy Secretary...

"We're looking at a scenario where there's no more agriculture in California,"
Steven Chu says. He sees education as a means to combat threat.
"California's farms and vineyards could vanish by the end of the century, and its major cities could be in jeopardy, if Americans do not act to slow the advance of global warming."

"I'm hoping that the American people will wake up," Chu said, and pay the cost of rewiring..."

LA Times

At least Williamson is not suggesting the solution is to raise taxes.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A pitiful prayer attempt from xtnyoda... for those consumed with delusions... and for those who desperately long to help them.

Oh Dear One.

We know so very little.
So, so very little.

The desire to help...
really help...
is like a burgeoning dam longing to burst open wide...
to pour forth torrents of grace and mercy...
on the confused and scrambled souls of men.

But... our compassion
fuels the fire
of misery, agony, and despair.


We would hold them close...
like the mother her infant in the blasting wind.

How. Do. We. Let. Them. GO?

we know...

With raw faith...
immersed in insolent night...
we force ourselves to
believe that you are there...
in the blast...
in the whirlwind of despair.

To the one hanging over the edge of the precipice...
clinging with all their strength and will...
we say...

"Let go."

"Let go."

"Let go."

xtnyoda, shalomed


Now... just what kind of person/group would seek out and rape women... then give the comforting counsel that if they would simply blow themselves up and kill as many other totally innocent and unaware civilians as possible... then they would find absolution and peace for having been raped... by the ones who raped them... to recruit them...


By QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA and BRIAN MURPHY, Associated Press Writers

BAGHDAD – A woman accused of helping recruit dozens of female suicide bombers looked into the camera and described the process: trolling society for likely candidates and then patiently converting the women from troubled souls into deadly attackers.

The accounts, in a video released Tuesday by Iraq police, offer a rare glimpse into the networks used to find and train the women bombers who have become one of the insurgents' most effective weapons as they struggle under increasing crackdowns.

In a separate prison interview with The Associated Press, with interrogators nearby, the woman said she was part of a plot in which young women were raped and then sent to her for matronly advice. She said she would try to persuade the victims to become suicide bombers as their only escape from the shame and to reclaim their honor...


Oh... and there are many, many in our country that think these perpetrators should be tried in our civilian courts as...

You know... when does one's mind embrace pure madness as reason?

Well... we have more than our fair share of... this...

I mean... they are recruited to kill their civilian neighbors... women, children, elderly... slaughtered... mutilated... shattered lives and families...

There was a time when the Cannes awards meant something valuable but now...

There were times when Cannes was praising masters. People came here to tell the world something that the world didn’t know or didn’t know how to express. This was once a great cultural event that inspired people and made them see something that affected their minds and souls.

Today Cannes just signals the decline of the cinema as an art form. It shows how bankrupt the movies have become. And this, probably better than anything, explains the choice of Sean Penn as the chief justice of the festival. He is just perfectly representative of everything that went wrong with cinematic expression. The movies today communicate exactly what Sean Penn communicates through his life and on the screen: a confused and weak character moved by anger and immersed in despair; artistically dead and socially wired; cowardly to fight, yet, anxious for world peace; unable to discern good from evil, relative in truth and absolute in fallacy …and above all impure in every single move.

It is this impurity that leads to the clinically bizarre fascination with tyrants and mass murderers...

In the quote I have listed we find the perfect definition of a reprobate mind... unable to discern right from wrong... good from evil... light from dark.

When you have time go read all of Yervand Kochar's article for some relevant cultural enlightenment about the impending doom of Cannes and the guild.

xtnyoda, shalomed


FINALLY, someone in the media is waking up to the startling truth that if one continues to shoot one's self in the foot over and over and over again... then sooner or later... one is going to harm one's self!!!


By JAY REEVES, Associated Press Writer - Tuesday, February 3

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Several newspaper executives launched a public relations campaign Monday to counter what they call "gloom-and-doom" reports of the industry's demise.

Sure, they admit, times are tough. The economy is bad, the Internet has sucked away advertising dollars and people are losing jobs.

But the 100 million people who read a newspaper the day after the Super Bowl outnumbered the TV audience for the game, the group said in an advertisement that appeared Monday in more than 300 daily newspapers, including The New York Times and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

With the ads, commentary pieces and a Web site, the industry is painting itself as a vital source of information and the best place for advertisers to sell anything from grapes to a house _ not the dinosaur often portrayed in the media.

"We are our own worst enemy. It's like there's a rule we have to beat ourselves up," said Donna Barrett, a driving force behind the campaign, called the Newspaper Project. "We are still a dominant media, and we don't give ourselves credit for that."...


NOW... do you think we can get this message to the entire MSM, and the loathing liberal left of this country that equates DISDAIN for our country and her objectives in this world as... PATRIOTIC?

Now... there is a "hope" I'm going to "hope" for... indeed.



“I have just informed the President that I am withdrawing my name from consideration for Secretary of Health and Human Services….If 30 years of exposure to the challenges inherent in our system has taught me anything, it has taught me that this work will require a leader who can operate with the full faith of Congress and the American people, and without distraction. Right now, I am not that leader, and will not be a distraction…”

Tom's tearful statement

So... did they offer Tom the job for the pure pleasure of making him look like a total DIRT-BAG? Do they (whoever the heck "they" are) think that America is going to continue to put up with the same crooks we've endured for the past thirty years or so?

How long has ol' Teddy boy been caudaled since he killed the young lady in Chappaquiddick Bay? Now there is a champion of human rights for you... right there by Tom D... who by the way was rejected as refuse by his own state a few years ago... and then "they" wanted to shove him down our throats again?

Wonder where the dollar trail was leading to on this one?

Monday, February 02, 2009


By KEVIN FREKING, Associated Press Writer Kevin Freking

WASHINGTON – Tom Daschle, President Barack Obama's choice to head the Health and Human Services Department, apologized Monday to the Senate panel that will decide his fate, saying he was "deeply embarrassed and disappointed" about failing to pay more than $120,000 in taxes.

Determined to salvage his nomination, Daschle wrote a letter to the top leaders of the Senate Finance Committee in which he sought to explain how he overlooked taxes on additional income for consulting work, the use of a car service and paperwork to support claims for charitable contributions.

Daschle recently filed amended tax returns for 2005-07 to report $128,203 in back taxes and $11,964 in interest....


You and I would go to prison.

Need I say more?


Vishal Mangalwadi, A native of India, finally explains the absolute need for a creator to establish the idea of "equality" in humanity. Using the election of Obama as an example of the Biblical roots of American and the West's movement toward the recognition of "equality" of all human beings.

A touch of the words:

People like Jefferson did think that a belief in equality could be grounded in the Enlightenment philosophy of universal “reason” and “common sense.” But what is called common sense differs in every culture. For instance, nearly all societies think that it is common sense that women are inferior to men. When Jefferson and Thomas Paine talked about “Common Sense” they were drawing upon a peculiar attempt of the Scottish Enlightenment to find an epistemology that could be a secular basis for ideas revealed in the Bible. The radical biblical idea of human equality had so deeply penetrated American culture that it appeared self-evident to the founders.

Of course, most American atheists will tell you that they believe in human equality too. But that’s only because the Bible wrote that notion into America’s cultural DNA. If atheists were writing the Declaration of Independence, they would have to write something like, “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all human beings have evolved equal, and are endowed by natural selection with certain unalienable rights . . .”

But that would be absurd. There is no observable way in which all human beings are equal. Natural selection has never created political and social equality; if it did, we wouldn’t need cultural revolutions and civil rights movements to bring it about. No, equality is a moral and theological idea that evolutionism can’t support because evolution is a theory created to explain inequality in nature.
report on the lecture

Must read, must view. With thanks to Alice the Camel.

xtnyoda, shalomed

We are still able to sing about "bursting bombs" at a public event.

Pretty nice.
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