Friday, February 15, 2008

On receiving a request for prayer from a mother with an autistic child called, "Silent Prince"

Oh, to have some oil, sent from heaven, just for the silent prince.
I would gently rub it on his forehead. I would pray.

When I returned from Viet Nam, a dear little boy in my neighborhood was dying of some cancer. He had a precious twin sister. They were beautiful.

He had a slight lisp and therefore called me thuckie, as I grew up chuckie. I would help his paralyzed father at times to get in and out of bed when the mother was gone. I loved those little children, they were so brave.

On returning home I was told that Stony had been in a coma for over a month, not recognizing anybody, no communication. He was to die within some three days according to the doctors.

I stood alone by his bed at the hospital, just gazing at the frail, thin body that barely resembled the vibrant child I had known. He was curled in a tight fetal position, all his beautiful blond hair...gone. He was six.

I started to speak to Stony, just sharing some of the things I remembered about him. I called his name. "Stony, it is Chuckie. Stony, you are beautiful. Stony, you are so very brave. I admire you more than you could possibly know."

Suddenly, gently, his little head started to move toward my voice. Then, he opened his eyes, fluttering at first, then looked right into my eyes. With a determined whisper Stony said, "thuckie." Then he drifted away.

I was...dumbfounded. I wanted to reach out to him, to hold him, to beg God for his life. I was a mess from Nam. I was not able to do anything but...well I couldn't do anything.

Three days later...he was gone.

It still hurts me, that I was so helpless. I don't have any idea if a touch or a prayer from me would have made any difference, I doubt it...but I just don't know.

One thing I promised Stony about four years later in my heart. "Stony...I will never again fail to pray for a needy child when I see or hear of the need. So help me God."

I am praying for the Silent Prince.

xtnyoda shalomed

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Covenant Song 8

For those after God’s Heart

Yahweh, Dearest Friend,
Glorify Your Name
In the heart of all mankind.

May our spiritual blinders
Drop like lead on the dust…
So that we may see…truly see…
Your Majesty…radiant over all.
Smile…like the sun bursting forth
To dissolve our dark morning.

We long for innocence.
Oh to play at your feet like a child again.
Laughing children…running wide eyed…
Bringing and bragging about our mud pies…
To mommy and daddy.
And you cherish each one.
May we know this again?
May we just rest…and inhale…acceptance?

The Universe…well…we are speechless.
Vast expanse,
Painted on the easel of your will…

And, there we are!
Yes…we are here.

And, dare we say…
formed in the heart and image…
of God.

And, like you…
We care, share, help,
And love.

You have given to us
A great, big, wonderful world and life…
To care for.

Oh, Yahweh, Dearest Friend,
Glorify Your Name
In the heart of all mankind.

xtnyoda shalomed


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