Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Covenant Song 6

6:1 Praise for Mercy

For the Worship Minister: with sympathy
(When there is stress) A Heart Song

Oh Yahweh, for me, You scourged Your Son.
The wrath of righteousness consumed Messiah.
2 Oh Yahweh, Your grace fills my weakness; Your strength calms my fearful heart.
3 I had almost lost all hope;
Then I reflected on Your love for me.

4 Oh Yahweh, You received me,
In Messiah You demonstrated Your love for me!
5 I will exult in Your presence forever;
I will rejoice with creation’s redeemed.

6 I grow so weary of temptation;
I long to be free from the presence of sin.
7 Yet, the world around us is oh, so lost;
The world…so opposed to Glorious God.

8 I wish I could talk with every lost soul
And share the love of Messiah with them.
9 I once was lost, then YahShua found me;
Yahweh received me in Messiah’s love.
10 Oh dear lost souls…turn to YahShua…
With all your heart!
Don’t walk away from Yahweh’s love.

xtnyoda shalomed


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Covenant Song 5

5:1 The Heritage of the Redeemed

For the Minister of Worship: with joy
A Song of Our Hearts

Thank You for knowing me, Dear Yahweh.
Thank You for hearing my frustrations.
2 Thank You for knowing my sorrows,
My King and my God,
I give you praise.

3 Oh Yahweh, You are always with me.
Oh Yahweh, You know my heart even before I pour it out before You.

4 You take great delight in us,
Your Redeemed Children;
Through the precious blood of Your Son we abide in Your presence.

5 We are humbled in the presence of Your Majesty.
We are washed…we are clean…Redeemed.

xtnyoda shalomed


Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Covenant Song 4
Song 4
For the Worship Leader: Grateful Praise
A Heart Song.
4:1 A Night Praise
Thank you for hearing my heart,
Dear Provider of my righteousness
You free me from my distress;
Thank you for hearing my praise.

2 How long, will the lost fail to see what You have done in my life?
How long must they seek vanity?
And, live in spiritual blindness?
(Give thanks and reflect on this.)

3 Thank You Father for accepting me
in the Beloved Lord Yah Shua.
Thank you Father, for hearing my praise.
4 I often struggle with resentment
Until I meditate on Your Mercy for me.
(Give thanks and reflect on this.)

5 I praise You for the Blood shed for me.
You are faithful always.

6 Many are so blind to the favor You show.
Please open their eyes to Your love, Yahweh.

7 You fill my heart with joy.
Touch the lost with Your abundant goodness.

xtnyoda shalomed


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New Covenant Song 3

3:1 Compassion in Troubled Times

A Song when betrayed by one close to your heart.

[picture by Ivan Kramskoy Unconsolable Grief]
Oh Yahweh, those I have helped have turned against me.
They are now actually striving to hurt me.
2 They are talking and acting like
You don’t really care at all about me.
(Give thanks and reflect on this.)

3 But, Yahweh, you always embrace me with your love,
You are Glorious, and the One who encourages me.
4 Yahweh bears my grief with me,
And His precious Spirit intercedes for me from within my heart.
(Give thanks and reflect on this.)

5 I rest peacefully;
And rise expectantly because Yahweh embraces me.
6 Dear Messiah, You alone can calm the fear filled imaginations of my thoughts,
Thoughts that try to smother me in anxiety.

7 I praise You, Yahweh!
I yield my rights to You, Dear Father.
I have turned the other cheek
By serving those who seek my harm.
8 Please, convict these of their error
And bless them with Your understanding and compassion.

xtnyoda shalomed


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