Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

He was young, maybe nineteen
With ruddy face and dreams.
Never realizing he could die.

A Father and Mother agonize
every time the phone rings...
a car passing by...

His thoughts are filled with hope...
and home.

She is well trained in chemicals and IV's...
as they bring him in...she sees.

"It's going to be alright now.
Just breath deeply for me...OK?"


"No dear...just take a deep breath...
Please...just one more breath..."

She tenderly holds his hand.

He was about nineteen...
and beautiful.
She was about twenty-four...
now she feels about eighty-four.

In the night she sits in the middle of the floor...
wondering about his Mom and Dad,
and wishing she could have done more...
but then...there are more.

Oh God!
Some die,
some must live.

May we live and not forget
the ruddy face
and the crushed heart.

You know what?
If the ruddy face could speak...
do you know what he would say?

"Please, enjoy this Memorial Day...and live."

xtnyoda shalomed

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Single Mom

She was...vivacious.
Such laughter, bubbly...
light on her feet like a pony prancing
in spring fields of barley.

She was anxious to...
give herself away.

So much love,
So much trust,
So much faith.
So beautiful.
So determined.
So alive.

"Do you take this woman
to be your lawfully wedded wife?
Do you promise to love her...
cherish her...
provide for and protect her?
Do you promise to
cleave to her and to her alone
until death alone shall part you?
So help you God?"

"I do."

He lied.

On hands and knees...
she weeps...she dies...
over...and over...and over...

Like waking up deep in a dark cave
with no one there...
all the lights are out.

The only sound
is the fitful sobbing...
of a broken heart.

Hands reach out
staggered friends and family console...
but there is no one there.

He lied.

Then a quivering voice pierces the dark curtain of grief...

Are you OK?
Mom...what are we going to do..."

Hands that now feel heavy like
brush away the tears
wraps up the child...
like it's the last hope.

For just a moment she listens
to the breathing of one forsaken.
She feels her child's body breath.

She gently holds the face in her hands.
She looks intently into the most precious of eyes.

"What are we going to do?
We are going to make it."

xtnyoda shalomed


Friday, May 16, 2008

Contending for the Faith

Jude instructs us to “contend for the faith.” This urgent appeal is as true today as ever in history. In verse 11, Jude gives three types of attacks or spiritual tactics that challenge true faith and ministry.

1. The “way of Cain.” Righteous Able brought the true spiritual service before God…a blood sacrifice. Cain brought the labor of his hands, the sweat of his brow, and God rejected Cain’s efforts. Many today make the same error of Cain thinking that ministry rises or falls by the visible efforts of ministers, not realizing that the minister’s priority call is to “rightly divide the Word of truth.” May don’t see the minister’s God given priority as “work” and thereby will attempt to force human standards over spiritual ministry. Most folks will never understand a minister’s God given mandate to study and pray as being work. (Genesis 4)

2. “The error of Balaam.” Balaam, a true prophet of God, could not overtly call a curse upon Israel. For a monetary price, however, Balaam counseled the evil king Balak to have his young women seduce the sons of Israel. The counsel of accepting immorality was a successful means of invoking God’s judgment. The “error of Balaam” is alive and well all around us in this day in which we live. There is a great spiritual effort to have the church accept that which is sinful before God. (Numbers 22)

3. “Korah’s Rebellion.” This is seen where Korah and his associates mounted an effort to exert control over Moses and his leadership for Israel. Korah was jealous that he did not have the same spiritual anointing as did Moses. The rebellion is when people try to exert control over God’s ministers, and God’s ministry. (Numbers 16)

In this day of widespread apostasy and worldly expression against the proclamation of God’s truth, may I say that we covet your prayers? We need your prayers…like we need air to live, we need your prayers.

Until Every Knee Bows, Philippians 2:5-11

xtnyoda shalomed


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Prayer from tragedy,
China earth quake,
Burma cyclone

What grief and sorrow.

Oh Christ,
draw near...draw near...
your children suffer so...
Hold them close,
Like the dearest friend embraces...
When fear swells like the blast of day...

Blast the day.

Arise great Savior,
In splendor...arise...
to heal,
to succor,
to comfort.

Broken lives...
Broken hearts...
Broken dreams...

Wash the wounds with you tears.

xtnyoda shalomed


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Covenant Song 10

Dear Sovereign One,
I was so arrogant,
So filled with vanity.
I really thought I could
Do as I wished,
When I wished,
How I wished.

So foolish…
I had no room for you in my life or heart.
I thought of you like some marble statue,

When I thought of you at all
It was just how I could…
Influence you,
Avoid you,

Use you…

I did not know how to really love…


They were just objects for my…

I only knew how to use people.

Thank you for hearing their sorrow.
Thank you for bearing your love…
Upon my self-seeking heart.
Like the rising tide at noonday,
You have covered me,
Washed me,
And taught me…

To care.

xtnyoda shalomed


Thursday, May 01, 2008

New Covenant Song 9

This poor man will cry out,
This desperate woman will sing…
For I was like
a motherless child…
Now received and cherished by desire…
that was born in the heart of heaven.

A rough block of ore,
Now stroked and polished with divine intent…
Like the ruby adorned by the breasts of the Queen.

We are each and every one…
the favorite of God…

I don’t remember your face?
I don’t remember your name?
I don’t remember your charge.

I’ve been embraced by Splendor,
Spoiled by Grace,
And lavished with Mercy.

I am full.

xtnyoda shalomed


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