Thursday, August 28, 2008

From the Hebrew Old Testament comes the meaning of the name Barack...

בּרך bârak
A primitive root; to kneel; by implication to bless God (as an act of adoration), and (vice-versa) man (as a benefit); also (by euphemism) to curse (God or the king, as treason)...
Strong's Dictionary

And interesting thing about the Hebrew use of this word is that it certainly has the primary meaning of pronouncing a positive blessing...however it can also be used as the above Strong's dictionary points out as a euphemism for a curse. That's just the way Hebrew works.

For every benefit there is the potential to abuse the benefit to great detriment. One of the abuses of בּרך bârak is to use the power of blessing for one's own benefit rather than the benefit of others. This in fact is very descriptive of a great deal of "christian" religion in this day. I will address more on this later...this is enough for now to ponder.


Monday, August 11, 2008

The following is the best fear mongering I've yet seen on the global warming mania.

On a planet 4C hotter, all we can prepare for is extinction
There's no 'adaptation' to such steep warming. We must stop pandering to special interests, and try a new, post-Kyoto strategy.

by Oliver Tickell

We need to get prepared for four degrees of global warming, Bob Watson told the Guardian last week. At first sight this looks like wise counsel from the climate science adviser to Defra. But the idea that we could adapt to a 4C rise is absurd and dangerous. Global warming on this scale would be a catastrophe that would mean, in the immortal words that Chief Seattle probably never spoke, "the end of living and the beginning of survival" for humankind. Or perhaps the beginning of our extinction.

The collapse of the polar ice caps would become inevitable, bringing long-term sea level rises of 70-80 metres. All the world's coastal plains would be lost, complete with ports, cities, transport and industrial infrastructure, and much of the world's most productive farmland. The world's geography would be transformed much as it was at the end of the last ice age, when sea levels rose by about 120 metres to create the Channel, the North Sea and Cardigan Bay out of dry land. Weather would become extreme and unpredictable, with more frequent and severe droughts, floods and hurricanes. The Earth's carrying capacity would be hugely reduced. Billions would undoubtedly die....

guardian UK
With each day that power over nations is not given to these ego-psychos...their charges become more brazen and desperate. I'm thinking we should call this global warming phobia something like "Noah Flood 2 phobia."

It is quite funny to observe however.

XtnYoda Shalomed

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

First XtnYoda reported that eating more bugs is it is Kangaroos to save the planet! Thanks Aussies!

Eat kangaroo to 'save the planet'
Baby kangaroo and mother
Kangaroos could be good for the environment

Switching from beef to kangaroo burgers could significantly help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, says an Australian scientist.

The methane gas produced by sheep and cows through belching and flatulence is more potent than carbon dioxide in the damage it can cause to the environment.

But kangaroos produce virtually no methane because their digestive systems are different.

Dr George Wilson, of the Australian Wildlife Services, urges farming them.

He says they have a different set of micro-organisms in their guts to cows and sheep.

Sheep and cattle account for 11% of Australia's carbon footprint...

XtnYoda Shalomed

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sung to the tune of "The Old Rugged Cross"

On a hill far away,
Stood an old oil well,
The emblem of dread climate change.
And twas from that old well,
That we have carbon swell,
Till the temperature's soaring away!

So I'll throw away my old light bulbs,
And make sure that my tires are aired up.
Yes, I'll cling to the old oil well
Till there is no more oil to sell!

XtnYoda Shalomed


Monday, August 04, 2008

New Covenant Psalm 16

Scribed upon the hearts of those who relish the Dear One.

"In Christ" fast the sound of those two words.
"My Lord"...believe this confession? "My Lord."

Have you believed the Dear One's confession? "I delight in you."

I despise the bile that has been in my heart...
on my lips...
but by the grace of God...
no more.

Dear have captured my heart.
Like the wild stallion captured in the field
I've kicked and whined in fear and fury!
But at last I see...
Your fields are luscious indeed.

I love your gentle proddings in the night,
"Are you awake? Would you spend some time with just me?"

Dear One, you have captured my mind,
you have captured my heart.
Every part of my being is at you.

Shalom, yes full and total fulfillment,
I've found in you.

XtnYoda Shalomed


Alexander Solzhenitsyn dies at 89
Alexander Solzhenitsyn (image from 1994)
Solzhenitsyn had been ill for years.

Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who exposed Stalin's prison system in his novels and spent 20 years in exile, has died near Moscow at the age of 89.

The author of The Gulag Archipelago and One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich, who returned to Russia in 1994, died of either a stroke or heart failure...
A true giant of a man. We are indebted beyond words for his courage.

XtnYoda Shalomed


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