Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Army of Mary cast out
Vatican excommunicates members of a Quebec Catholic movement
Joseph Brean, National Post
Published: Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Calling it a "very grave situation," the Vatican has excommunicated members of a controversial Quebec Catholic movement, the Army of Mary, for their heretical beliefs that derive from the writings of Marie-Paule Giguère, an 86-year-old mystic who claims to be a reincarnation of the Virgin Mary.

In a judgment delivered to the group on Monday, and announced yesterday, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ruled that the ordinations of six priests in the Army of Mary this past June were illegitimate, because they were performed by a priest rather than a bishop. As a result, at least one recent marriage, performed by one of these new priests, is now regarded by the Vatican as null.

Further, the ruling says that anyone who participates in the Army of Mary, which has centres in Quebec City and Lac-Etchemin, Que., is in schism with the Catholic Church, and therefore automatically excommunicated.

The group has been in conflict with the Vatican for at least 20 years - its members claim to be fully Catholic, but with extra beliefs - and so it received the ruling with equanimity, calling it the "will of God."

"In 1958, our foundress received from above, heard from above that she would be crucified by priests and bishops. It's only the realization today of such a message," said Father Eric Roy, Superior General of the Sons of Mary and a leading figure in the group. "We cannot go against our conscience."

Founded as a prayer group in 1971, and recognized by the Archbishop of Quebec four years later, the Army of Mary has been a headache for Canadian Catholic bishops ever since.

In her writings, Mme. Giguère described visions and messages she received from God, explaining that Mary, the mother of Jesus, is fully divine, and also that, as her modern incarnation, so is Mme. Giguère. Rather than the traditional Catholic Trinity - in which God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are each fully divine and part of a three-part deity - the Army of Mary now speaks of a "quinternity," including Mary and Mme. Giguère...

Goodness! Now we go from a Trinity to a "quinternity?" And the Virgin Mary now resides in a mother of five children?

Strange ways indeed God would be working in our day.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

A site for bereaved teens.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton:
"Vice President [Dick] Cheney came up to see the Republicans yesterday. You can always tell when the Republicans are getting restless, because the Vice President’s motorcade pulls into the Capitol, and Darth Vader emerges," Hillary Clinton said just now (video) at a $100-a-head fundraiser at town hall near New York's Times Square, referring to Cheney's efforts shore up Republican congressional support for the Iraq war.

"I’m not invited to their meetings and I don’t know what he says or does," she said, in an informal conversation on stage with former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack and retired General Wesley Clark. "But all the brave talk about bringing our troops home, and setting deadlines, and getting out by a certain date just dissipated."

ben smith
Now we are reduced to comparing our leaders to fictional movie characters? And rather evil ones at that? This from the lips of one who presents their self as a candidate to be our nations chief diplomat?

And pining over "brave talk about bringing our troops home..." excuse me...this is "brave talk?" We will need to rewrite the words to "When Johnny Comes Marching Home."
When Johnny comes slithering home again
Forlorn, forlorn!
We'll give him some strong medicine
Forlorn, forlorn!
For we know we've failed
We can never win
A war against evil and terrorism!
And we'll all-wait-till-there's
another nine-eleven!

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

OK, I've had it with the, "If God doesn't judge America then he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah" crowd.

First, I wonder if these self proclaimed 'prophets' have any earthly idea what it is they are calling on God to do? God judge Sodom and Gomorrah? Don't these 'prophets' remember the hail of fire and brimstone? And, all the inhabitants perished under God's judgment.

Therefore, get ready 'prophets' of God...for you and your children will perish at your self-righteous demand. I can hear them now at bedtime prayers with their children, "Sleep sweet now my child, I'm calling on God to roast your sweet behind in a deluge of fire and smoke!"

Second, God must not apologize for anything God decides to do, or not do, esp. to any puny human being who owes a debt of gratitude to God for every breath taken and ever second of life lived.

Third, if said 'prophets' of doom truly believe their message then they better flee this 'God-forsaken' nation...that was the requirement of Lot...leave quickly...don't look back!!! Soooooooooooo...either leave now or shut your yapping trap. Put up or shut up.

And forth, there was one, Abraham, who pleaded with God for Sodom and Gomorrah...begged God to spare the citizens. Abraham is remembered by God as a man of faith. Would to God that we had some 'Abraham's' to intercede for our nation instead of calling for judgment on our land. I do believe it was the devil that was described as the 'accuser' before God's throne...and the devil ended up being cast out. Many might be surprised to find what company they keep. "But Lord...didn't we prophesy in your name..."

Same goes for the 'prophets of doom and gloom' on the far left as well.

God Bless America,

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Here we have represented the results of reckless disregard for the lives of others for ones own benefit.
DURHAM, N.C. (AP) - From the day he took over the Duke lacrosse rape case, Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong charged forward with a strident determination that the guilty would end up in jail. Ultimately, the since-disgraced former prosecutor only succeeded at putting himself behind bars.

Nifong was sentenced Friday to a single day in jail, having been held in criminal contempt of court for lying to a judge during his pursuit of rape charges against the three falsely accused lacrosse players.

Superior Court Judge W. Osmond Smith III could have sentenced Nifong, who had already been stripped of his law license and had resigned from office, to as many as 30 days in jail and given him a fine as high as $500. Instead, he opted for a largely symbolic punishment - the public humiliation of sending a prosecutor to jail - that he said would help protect the integrity of the justice system.

"If what I impose with regard to Mr. Nifong would make things better or different for what's already happened, I don't know what it would be or how I could do it," Smith said...
What a jerk.
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OK...I have finally discovered the true culprit in the "global-warming" department...except the culprit is not in a department, but rather in the "field!"
Changing Cows' Diet Could Cut Emissions

Cows are methane-making machines, with their inefficient digestion producing hundreds of liters of the greenhouse gas every day. Now scientists are looking at ways to make things go down a little more gently for the ruminanting grass-munchers.

Cows are burping too much methane for the world's good.

Cows are burping too much methane for the world's good.
While people are being asked to reduce the amounts of flights they take and make their homes more energy efficient, what they put on their plates could be having as big an impact on climate change. Gas-guzzling SUVs and badly insulated buildings are partly to blame for the earth's greenhouse gas emissions, but it seems the humble grass-munching cow is also a major culprit.

Agriculture is responsible for producing 37 percent of global methane emissions, a gas that is 23 times more potent than CO2 when it comes to global warming. And much of this gas comes from the burps of ruminating animals such as cows and sheep. If a cow's manners could be improved a bit, then the world might just stop warming quite so fast. And it could be as simple as getting them to graze on different types of plants. Scientists at the University of Aberystwyth are now working on using plant-breeding methods to develop new diets for livestock.

Normally a cow's stomach is pretty inefficient -- 80 percent of food ingested comes out as waste or methane. The average cow produces between 300 and 500 liters of methane a day, most of it through belching. "There is a common misperception about how methane gets into the atmosphere," Michael Abberton, a scientist at the Aberystwsth's Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research, said Monday. "It is actually through belching rather than the other end."

Abberton told a briefing on farming and climate change at London's Science Media Center that the key could be developing new varieties of legumes and grass, as well as planting more clover and birdsfoot trefoil, a common wildflower. These could change the way the bacteria in the cow's gut breaks down food. According to the scientist, developing new varieties of plants which are easier to digest could allow farmers to avoid reducing stock while still cutting methane emissions.

Now if we could just figure out how to "collect" and use as energy all that escaping "methane" we would be making tremendous progress toward turning our planet into a snow-cone instead of a boiling cauldron.

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