Saturday, July 09, 2011

Australia is officially in the "child abuse" business

This is as evil as evil gets friends...
PRIMARY school children are being terrified by lessons claiming climate change will bring "death, injury and destruction" to the world unless they take action.
Climate change as a "Doomsday scenario" is being taught in classrooms across Australia.

Resource material produced by the Gillard government for primary school teachers and students states climate change will cause "devastating disasters".

Australian National University's Centre for the Public Awareness of Science director Dr Sue Stocklmayer said climate change had been portrayed as "Doomsday scenarios with no way out" ..... "(Children) feel incredibly despondent and helpless in the face of all this negative information," she said. "To put all of this before our children ... is one of the most appalling things we can do to (them).

Child psychologist Kimberley O'Brien also said the language of climate change should be "toned down". "(Educators) should stick to the facts," she said. "They should be aware that kids do have nightmares."

Psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg called on educators to be "more circumspect and present both sides (of the climate-change debate). When you repeat things over and over to young people who don't have the cognitive maturity and emotional maturity to process this stuff, you end up creating unnecessary anxiety," he said.

Federal Schools Minister Peter Garrett said the government would not stop the teaching of climate science, despite moves in Britain for the subject to be withdrawn.

In a video on climate change funded by the state government, one teacher from a public school in Sydney's southwest explained: "Students are being bombarded from all sides about climate change ... it can be a very scary thing (for) a child."

Australian news dot com

There is probably a special place in Hell for those that would target children with fear and terror for a political agenda. For those politicians in Australia doing this ... welcome to Hell.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is Australia's actions any different than the Christian church's? Citing fear and disaster if people harm the environment is very similar to Christians' citing fear and damnation for not converting.
Just because you disagree with climate scientists and their motives, that doesn't make their methods any worse. And your good intentions and opinions that you're "right" doesn't make your methods better than those scientists you find so foolish and arrogant. The scare tactics are just as traumatic to impressionable children. Describing how their friends or family may be spending eternity in unimaginable pain can just as easily be considered abusive.
FYI, there's much more evidence for climate change than for the existence of God.

10:57 PM  
Blogger XtnYoda said...

Thanks for stopping by Anonymous!

Well ... I see creation itself as quite a bit of evidence that there is a God/Creator. The fact that all of creation responds to natural "law" is evidence that there must be a creator, for example the boiling point of water being consistent ... the structure of atoms being governed by natural law ... etc.

Without a creator it would seem that the universe would just be ... random.

Then to say that humanity can control climate ... one way or the other ... is just wild speculation to me. That's not to say that we don't have responsibility to care for our environment as in the areas of pollution etc. ... but that doesn't come up to the bar of controlling climate.

And I agree, we shouldn't use "scare" tactics with children in Christianity. I think children will respond to the love of God quicker than fearing God.

Thanks again for stopping by, and God Bless you.

11:09 PM  

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