Saturday, January 11, 2014

Yahweh, Day 11

Day 11: Yahweh, Is NO Human

The book of Genesis demonstrates for us the rapid development of humanity’s ego mania. It is no where more clearly seen than at the end of chapter four.  In verse 26 we find the often misunderstood and condemning comment that people began to call themselves by God’s name.

“At that time people began to call on the name of the LORD.”  (HCSB)

This verse would probably be better understood as stating something like, “At that time people began to invoke on themselves ‘I Will Be and Do What I Will.’”  Chapter four of Genesis chronicles the devolution of human existence.

Cain arrogantly names the first city after his son and Cain’s grandson is then named a ‘wild ass’ whose son was called ‘smitten by God.’  This smitten one then fathered a son whose character was known for his cowardly attempts at appeasement of evil.  Then, the fifth from Cain, Lamech, meaning …‘made low’… attempts to elevate himself by instituting polygamy and then boasts of slaughtering a young man, and trumpets said slaughter to God’s enabling.

One of Lamech’s wives bore two sons … one that was named a vagabond and the other a wanderer that went about blowing a horn.  The second wife’s son was known as being sick, mortal, and in despair.  Then, their crowing reaches it’s pinnacle in verse 26 as these desperately miserable creatures begin to take upon themselves God’s own name and characteristics.  This, is taking God’s Name in vain.

The modern ‘humanists’ make the same boast as they brag that “Man is the measure of all things.”  This is the ultimate statement of abject delusion.

Intercessory Prayer: Oh Father!  We have sinned!  Please forgive our self-serving arrogance and pride!  Oh God!  Help us to see that we are mortal, and flawed, and weak, and totally dependent on Your grace, mercy, and compassion!  And, Oh God!  Help us to never degenerate into the spiritual dregs of trying to use Your Name for our personal profit, fame, or benefit.  In Jesus Name. Amen.



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