Thursday, September 12, 2013

Another minute

 Losing a child to death brings a myriad of emotions ...      

all complicated ... all different ... all difficult.

Silent Grief speaks today about ... days ...
Sometimes the "I miss my child so bad I could die" part of the grief from child loss gets to a point where we think we can't make it another minute! It's hard to explain to others who can see their children every day or who can pick up the phone and immediately hear their child's voice. Every bereaved parent travels through that long tunnel of reality when it finally becomes reality that we will never see or hear our child's voice again and a panic sets it. It sends us spinning into a cycle of fear and pain that is impossible to explain. To have had a precious one in our lives -- a person we loved with all of our heart -- taken away forever is like being punched in the heart full force and then left with a hole that will not heal. Child loss is a forever, persistent pain that is impossible to explain.
Father, Yahweh, I pray today for Silent Grief, and all who have lost a child. or a grandchild.  I pray that You will hold them as close to Your heart as You hold the child they love and lost.

Father, bless them today.

xtnyoda, shalomed



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