Monday, August 02, 2010

OK... a Mexican drug gang has allegedly placed a $1,000,000 (one million dollar) bounty on Sheriff Joe's head.

This is in effect a declaration of war against the citizens of the United States of America for Sheriff Arpaio, is an elected official of the citizens of his county.

This needs to be treated as an act of declared war by our federal government with the full involvement of our United States Military to squash this aggression against one of our elected officials.

FOX Phoenix
Mexican Drug Cartel Allegedly Puts a Price on Arizona Sheriff's Head... $1M offered for Arpaio.

PHOENIX - He's been at the center of the discussions and controversies surrounding illegal immigration enforcement in Arizona for quite a while.

On the day parts of Arizona's immigration law, SB 1070, went into effect, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is in the news for another reason: there's a price on his head - allegedly offered by a Mexican drug cartel.

The audio message in Spanish is a bit garbled, but the text is clear.

"It's offering a million dollars for Sheriff Joe Arpaio's head and offering a thousand dollars for anyone who wants to join the Mexican cartel."....

Lisa Allen of the Sheriff's office says they believe the message originated in Mexico. Although the Sheriff has received numerous death threats in the past, they believe this threat is credible because of its timing.

"Arpaio gets threats pretty routinely, but obviously with this heightened awareness of his role in the immigration issue we've got to take this one a little bit more seriously with a million dollar contract out on him," said Allen.

But she says what really concerns investigators is how quickly the message may have been spread. "It's going so many different places that our folks are looking at it and thinking well at any given point in time it could land in front of some crazy person who thinks I can do that."

As for Arpaio's reaction to the threat, "It's a little bit like water off a duck's back for him, but you never know if it's that sense of false bravado with just can't read it, I'm sure he's concerned, I'm sure he's concerned for his family more than anything else," said Allen....

OK... Commander in Chief... we are awaiting your swift and decisive response.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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