Saturday, August 24, 2013

Daily Nugget

C. S. Johnson shares this family lesson: “My son, Michael, was four years old the night I found him sobbing uncontrollably in the hallway. Concerned, I knelt next to him and drew him close.“'What’s the matter, sweetheart? Are you hurt?’ He shook his head and turned to me, but I was unprepared for his response. “ ‘Daddy said a bad word to me!’ he sobbed. I almost laughed out loud. I had known my husband 12 years and had rarely heard him raise his voice. But Michael had heard him say something, and I was curious enough to want to know what it was. “ ‘Honey, what bad word did Daddy say?’ And seeing a chance for sympathy, my sensitive four-year-old stopped crying and blurted out—‘Obey!’ “I never think of that incident now without asking my Heavenly Father to keep me from believing, as my son did, that ‘obey’ is a bad word.”
God, may my walk with You be in obedience, not just carrying out the letter of the law, but following the spirit of Your intent. Amen.

Bro Bill

In GOD we Trust!


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