Monday, April 01, 2013

Visiting Gethsemane

 A devotional thought from inventor, Bro. Van.

We read in the scripture that Jesus took up His own cross as a dying sacrifice... but that was not until after going through Gethsemane... where He prayed for the Father's will and not His own will...

We are compelled to be living sacrifices... and to take up our crosses daily... perhaps that also implies that we need to go through Gethsemane daily... praying for the Lord's will and not our own...

Is it so that many take up a cross daily "in their own will"? Is this why we are sometimes weak in our witness, ineffective in our ministry, and so easily given over to temptation?

Perhaps we should spend a few submissive moments in Gethsemane each day before we take up our cross, seeking His will... rather than entering Gethsemane after a failed day, seeking His forgiveness and restoration. There will likely be tears and a broken contrite heart either way... but one of these scenarios is a much better example of walking in faith than the other.

When do you visit Gethsemane? How often? Why are you there?



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