Sunday, June 03, 2012

There will be nights

Losing a child to death brings a myriad of emotions ... all complicated ... all different ... all difficult.

Brenda speaks today about ... nights.

The best advise I was given and the most truthful ... was from Alice, a life long friend I used to babysit for! She wrote me a letter and I still have it to this day! In this letter she told me that others would tell me it will be okay in time ... time heals all wounds ...etc.,etc., then she said, "there will be nights you'll be up all night long crying while everyone else will be sleeping" .... I never dreamed there would be so many but it comforts me to know that others do understand and know (Unfortunately) ... she had lost a son, Ricky, some years before ... and by the way, she has gone on home too ... so I'm sure she, Ricky and Josh know one another by now! Thanks Alice!Brenda

Father, Yahweh, I pray today for Brenda, and all who have lost a child. I pray that when those nights come ... filled with floods of sorrow ... that You will be there ... to gently dry the tears.  And bless the Alices that take the time to care and share their sorrow for the benefit of others.

God, bless them today.

xtnyoda, shalomed



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