Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Death by Bureaucracy

Death Panel opens the door to the cancer that is the #1 cancer among men. Newt is trying to expose this effort by bureaucrats to lord it over our health care.

Earlier this month, a panel appointed by the Department of Health and Human Services made a recommendation so detached from the good of individual patients it could only have come from government bureaucrats. They recommended eliminating screening for the most common cancer among males nationwide.
Despite lacking any specialist who deals with the issue, the panel issued a recommendation this month to stop using the only available test to screen for prostate cancer. PSA tests .... Without the PSA testing, many men will have no way to know they have the disease until it has developed into much more dangerous problem. In some cases, it will be a too late by the time they discover it.

What is the basis for the panel’s recommendation to discontinue screening that can save lives?

It has nothing to do with the merits of the test. Instead, these government-appointed experts advised against screening because they disagree with what some doctors and patients choose to do with the information once they have it ..... the task force’s answer is simply to deny doctors and patients the chance to consider early treatment by recommending they not screen for prostate cancer in the first place.

That is not a reasoned response to the problem. It is a bureaucratic response to the problem. And people will almost certainly die because of it.

This points to the difference between the bureaucratic approach to healthcare, which leads to rationing, and an approach to empower individuals and their doctors to make the best decisions for them.....

You might want to go read the whole article when you have a couple of minutes.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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