Saturday, October 15, 2011

A heartwarming story from a cooling climate

Here is a truly courageous story brought about by a cooling planet.

Gutsy wrangler, huge horse save boy from grizzly

Why was the bear charging? Because unprecedented amounts of snow had covered its normal food sources. Video of the wrangler on David Letterman show.


On one of the latest shows with David Letterman there is a woman talking about how she and her horse rescued a small boy from a bear. There is a segment where she says that last winter there was a record number of human/bear encounters and when Letterman asks her why that was, she says something to the effect that there was record snow last winter and the bears couldn’t find enough food like berries in the forests so they would come out in greater numbers and approach people’s homes in search of food. (it’s at 3.45 that he poses the question.)

I found it interesting and it supports your theory. Of course David let it just pass and did not pick that up at all and moved on to the next question.

Thanks for all the postings and articles. I find your website very interesting and like checking on the latest ice age developments.

H/T to Robert for the link and story!

Salute! to Erin for your courage in the face of extreme danger!

xtnyoda, shalomed

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