Thursday, November 18, 2010

If the adherents of a religion cannot make it a truly "peaceful" religion... then they obviously will try to pass laws that would make it illegal to call the said religion "non-peaceful"... and this now on a world wide scale.

... So it goes kind of like this... "Ours is a religion of peace and tolerance... and if you say anything otherwise then we will lock you up in a prison for spewing hatred."

Where does logic like this come from?

One News Now
Pro-Islam U.N. resolution nearing vote

The United Nations is about to consider the "Defamation of Religions Resolution" -- but as Open Doors USA points out, the measure is really designed to protect only one religion: Islam.

The resolution, which has been floated at the U.N. in various forms for more than a decade, is touted as promoting tolerance and protecting religious freedom. "But in reality it does the exact opposite of that," explains Lindsey Vessey, a spokesperson for Open Doors USA.

"It's a resolution that is backed by the Organization of Islamic Conference States," she continues, "and it seeks to criminalize words or actions that are deemed to be against particular religions -- and of course we can guess what that is. It's particularly to protect Islam."

Vessey says the measure was originally introduced in 1999 as the "Defamation of Islam" resolution, but language was changed later to broaden its appeal. It contains multiple mentions of Islam, but only one of Christians and Jews. She explains that in its current form, it would give international legitimacy to blasphemy laws.

"So [it is] basically taking [those] laws in certain countries like Egypt and Pakistan that make it illegal to say anything negative of Islam, or anything that can even be perceived as negative of Islam and the Prophet Mohammed, ...and making that something that would be on an international scale," she says. According to Vessey, it could eventually impact the United States.

Open Doors has launched an online advocacy campaign -- "Free to Believe" -- that allows individuals to voice their opposition to the Defamation of Religions Resolution. The resolution is expected to be voted on later this week in a United Nations committee, and will likely be voted on before the General Assembly early next month.
And... how do you delude a "world body" such as the UN, that is supposed to be built on a mission for peace and tolerance... into becoming a voice and advocate for worldwide discrimination against those that simply speak the truth about the intentions... clearly taught... by an opposing group?

I don't know if you understand demonic delusion... but here it is on display for all to see... that have eyes to see.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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