Thursday, December 11, 2014

Yahweh, Day 101


Day 101, Yahweh: Seek The Name

"Cover their faces with shame so that they will seek Your name, Lord. Let them be put to shame and terrified forever; let them perish in disgrace. May they know that You alone- whose name is Yahweh- are the Most High over all the earth.”
Psalm 83:16-18 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

Zephaniah gives us further light on this mandate to seek God's Name...

"Seek the LORD, all you humble of the earth, who carry out what He commands. Seek righteousness, seek humility; perhaps you will be concealed on the day of the LORD’s anger."
Zephaniah 2:3 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

In this verse and all occurrences where we have the title “LORD” in all upper case letters … in the Hebrew text it is actually God’s Name, Yahweh.  This is the purpose of this study of God's revealed name, Yahweh ... that we may once again Know The Name ... The Universal Name ... for every language and kindred ... to save and deliver.

It is in The Name.

Intercessory Prayer:  Oh Father!  Thank You for revealing Your great Name to humanity!  Help us to know Your Name, and proclaim Your Name, so that Your children will discover the fullness of Your abundant grace and deliverance.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.

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