Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yahweh, Day 14

Day 14: Yahweh ... Seeing is Providing

"Yahweh-yireh" is the celebrated name of Yahweh's providing the ram at the sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham. We saw yesterday how this was when Abraham's experience of God became so powerfully personal that Abraham finally knows, by experience ... fully KNOWS that God is Yahweh.

And, now for just a simple word about the conjunction added on to Yahweh ... yireh.

Yahweh-yireh is typically translated as Yahweh will Provide, which in and of itself is OK ... But, for a little further light ... the Hebrew word ‘yireh’ literally means, to see. We could translate this to say Yahweh-Sees for Yahweh-Provides.  The connection?  Get this ... for the believer, for Yahweh to see … is the same as God providing ... Because for Yahweh ... to See is to Provide.

Now ... do you believe that Yahweh sees you ... every aspect of you and your life?  And when Yahweh-Sees you ... what does He see for your future? Or allow me to ask it this way, "What does Yahweh purpose for your future?"  Does your vision match Yahweh's?

Genesis 22:14
And Abraham named that place The LORD Will Provide, “Yahweh-yireh” so today it is said: “It will be provided on the LORD’s mountain.”

Intercessory Prayer: Oh Father!  We have often wondered and even doubted whether or not You were aware of my needs, whether or not You could see … us … me.  Now, I praise Your Name, Yahweh-Sees!  Thank You for this revelation and the understanding that You not only see, but in seeing, You provide exactly what the true need is … for Your Name’s sake.  Praise God!  In Jesus Name.



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