Monday, September 17, 2012

Defining a Spiritual Awakening

  Our "First World Wide War "

We are witnessing and participants in the first genuine "World Wide War." It is a war of ideas and religion more than a war of weapons and technology, though weapons and technology are some of the tools of this war.

If you will, we are in an epic clash of cultures. Culture is defined by the laws written and the religious foundation of those laws. Anyone that does not recognize that the general laws of the 'western' world have been founded on the Christian bible, New Testament specifically, simply doesn't understand the forming of a 'culture.'  There are forces at work in the United States to redefine 'culture' from both the outside and probably more profoundly, from the inside, as well as in Europe.

 We are experiencing what historians will define as a 'great awakening' a hundred years from now. The awakening will be when the Church realizes that she will be a slave to no man nor government.
Unfortunately, the social outcome of the working of an 'awakening' is always a war. While one is in the middle of an awakening it seems like the worst of times. Again, it is historians that look back and determine when an awakening happened, in the middle of an awakening it seems like anything other than a spiritual experience.

xtnyoda, shalomed

As responding on Brutally Honest 

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