Saturday, February 19, 2011

What will happen this coming week in Wisconsin

From The Borg Conspiracy

As the weekend arrives and settles down the simmering controversy, the political powers that be are bringing all their efforts to bear on the people of Wisconsin. The simple fact remains that the people of Wisconsin voted for change and now that the change is happening, the democrats locally and nationally are blocking it.

Talk about obstructionist tactics and violent reactions. The majority of teachers in Wisconsin walked out on their jobs this week, while the democrat led opposition to the governor, literally fled the state and went into hiding to prevent being forced to participate in a fair and democratic vote.

Once again, the democrats and their ilk demonstrate clearly to the people, that the favored tactic of the left is 'by any means necessary.' The president has sent his campaign organization to the state to whip up the local unionists and Jesse Jackson arrived yesterday to add his voice to the cacophony of angst and vitriol that will flow freely come next week. And yes, the former speaker, madam Pelosi has also weighed in to demonstrate her 'solidarity' with the unionists.

I can't wait to see what will happen this week. (Or how the media will report it).

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