Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Monbiot : Hansen Is Good, God Is Evil

Some of the global warming alarmists are coming to the conclusion that xtnyoda presented from the get-go about Man's claim that Man can "control" climate... one way or the other... that it is spiritually and humanly reckless to assert such nonsense.

this from Steve Goddard on Monbiot
"Is the divine presence a Republican? Or is He/She/It running an inter-galactic fossil fuel conglomerate? As His name doesn’t feature on the exxonsecrets site, the Congressional funding database or any of the other sponsored denier lists, we’ll never know, but whatever the explanation may be, the Paraclete appears to be as determined as any terrestrial corporate frontman to prevent a successful conclusion to the climate talks."

God is conspiring to stop the good work of Hansen et al.

"How do I know? Because every time anyone gets together to try to prevent global climate breakdown, He swaths the rich, densely habited parts of the world with snow and ice, while leaving obscurer places to cook."

These places must be very obscure, because I can’t find them on the NOAA anomaly map.

"The UN’s World Meteorological Organisation has just reported that 2010 is likely to be one of the three warmest years on record. Combining the WMO’s database with the temperatures measured by the US agencies Nasa and NOAA gives this year a ranking so far of equal first or equal second. But you’d scarcely believe it if you live in northern Europe or parts of the US, where (alongside a few anomalously hot ones) we’ve been hit by a series of freakishly cold weather events."

Just because we have all been freezing in record cold for the last two winters is no reason to believe they were not the hottest ever.

I will have to admit that it is just a little fun seeing an "alarmist" coming to the same conclusion as presented on this blog site for the last several years.

xtnyoda, shalomed



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