Thursday, November 04, 2010

The "progressives" ... bless their hearts... are in total delusion... I mean... they have totally lost their ever loving gourds.

Daily Caller
Election results confirm House Democratic Caucus in 2011 will be smaller, but more liberal

The Democratic Party may have just gotten a lot smaller in the House, but the percentage of self-identified “progressive” members — the chamber’s most liberal group — increased dramatically as a result of Tuesday’s election.

Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus will comprise a significant plurality of House Democrats in 2011, possibly giving them a stronger voice within the party than they ever had before....

... There is also talk within the progressive liberal community that more Democrats are likely to join the caucus next year, giving them an even more robust voice within the party.

The election essentially purified the party of the few moderates who acted as roadblocks against bills that they saw as veering too far left....

America has jack-slapped the crap out of the "progressive-agenda" of the past 2 years... Americans have booted rather unprecedented numbers of liberals out of congress in this past election... and "progressives" are excited that they are now going to have more power within a smaller and less influential Democratic caucus?

These people are truly mentally deranged... but... let them play in their smaller corner thinking they are accomplishing something... kind of like... you know... playing, play-like, with children.
OK little Bobby... let's play-like you are the sheriff and I am the bad guy... let's play like you catch me and....
I think you get it.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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