Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Assault of the King Crabs

Nearing midnight here in the Central Time zone on the election day shake down of the "progressives" in Washington DC... I thought this latest... lampoon article being shoved off as... as they say... "may happen/might happen" science... could serve up a little humor. (pun intended)

Thought we might like a little humor to go along with the thumping going down across our nation tonight.


typical USA Today propaganda
Global warming may .... allow giant, voracious, predatory crabs to enter the unique continental-shelf ecosystems of Antarctica.

Research by scientists at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton in the United Kingdom found that even small increases in water temperature due to global warming could bring king crabs into new areas.

King crabs are a popular food source. But historically they haven't been able to live in the high-Antarctic continental shelves, so the species that currently live there have not evolved to cope with them....

...The researchers found that even small increases in water temperature due to global warming could lead to king crabs moving into new areas. "Rapidly increasing water temperatures observed along the West Antarctic Peninsula could allow king crabs to spread from the slope of the peninsula to the continental shelf itself,"

.... The arrival of this species, which crushes and then eats its prey, could cause a major shift in the populations that now live in the high-Antarctic continental shelves....

I know... I know... all you King Crab lovers out there are licking your chops at the thought of this possible extravaganza of opulent, tasty, crab cuisine.

It's just too bad the story didn't break in time for a Halloween jab.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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