Monday, November 09, 2015

Global Warming on the Firing Line!

The earth and it's climate cycle is not cooperating with the Global Warming Alarmists, and neither is God. :-)

Just in Time for Paris—Ice Galore

By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser
November 7, 2015
You’ll have heard of it, COP-21, the latest United Nation conference on all things climate, coming to Paris (France) in December. Wouldn’t you know it, just in time for that “cataclysmic” event, nature does not want to play according to the organizers’ script.
Rather than the polar ice caps having shriveled to mere remnants by now, forecast for many years by all climate modelling enthusiasts, the polar ice shields have been growing by leaps and bounds. For example, according to a recent report by NASA scientists HJ Zwally et al., the Antarctic Ice  shield has been growing for 15 years already, even at an alarming rate. Then we learn that near the earth’s opposite pole, in Greenland, the rate of ice accumulation is breaking new records too; see the figure below (source: Danish Met. Inst., Nov. 7, 2015) and, last not least, the seasonal growth of the sea ice extent in the Arctic is not far behind....

Full article here.

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