Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Beware the coming Cold

All the while we have the "hype" about a man induced global warming, the reality is the opposite. Our local star ... the sun ... is not cooperating with the attempts to convince us that climate change is humanities fault, specifically the industrial nations fault through the use of energy.

According to NASA, the sunspot cycle we are now passing through – Sunspot Cycle 24 – is the smallest such cycle since Cycle 14, which ended back in 1906.
That is incorrect, says reader J. H. Walker.
“The problem with NASA’s sunspot count is that these are inflated by every blemish and spot fragment due to the optics they use,” says Walker.
If you use the Landscheidt sunspot-counting method, which counts only those spots that can be seen by 40MM optics, you realize that the current count is less than Solar Cycle 5. That solar cycle began in May 1798 and ended in December 1810.
It also corresponded with the Dalton Minimum.
The Dalton Minimum, a period of low solar activity named after English meteorologist John Dalton, lasted from about 1790 to 1830, says Wikipedia....
Full article here

Join with me in prayer for the provision and protection of those most vulnerable to the harsh cold that is coming earth's way.





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