Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Yahweh, Day 84

Day 84, Yahweh: Preconceptions are... Contemptible

But Naaman got angry and left, saying, "I was telling myself: He will surely come out, stand and call on the name of Yahweh his God, and will wave his hand over the spot and cure the skin disease.
2Kings 5:11 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

Naaman's preconceived idea about what the Man of God... via the power of Yahweh... should accomplish... and how it should be accomplished... reveals an interesting feature of many people.

We will often come to Yahweh with our own desire for what we want God to do... and just how we want Him to do it. I'm sure we have all been there.

However... God is not subject to man's expectations. This truth lies in the name of Yahweh itself... God is who and what He desires to be... and that depends not on our conceptualizations.

It is our mission to come to know all we can of Yahweh... and what His desires and purposes are... and how we are to fit into His purposed will... He already knows us quite well.

"When you pray, don't babble like the idolaters, since they imagine they'll be heard for their many words. Don't be like them, because your Father knows the things you need before you ask Him."
Matthew 6:7-8 (HCSB)

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