Saturday, March 24, 2012

Where there’s a need for immunity, there’s a crime

The "Green Climate Fund" is seeking world wide immunity from any inspection, audit, or any nations laws or lawsuits. This says a world about the intentions of the global warming alarmists as they seek to force the human race to bow down and serve their god of human engineering of our planet. This, their "Tower of Babel" is going to be brought down by Yahweh for all the world to see ... for man is not God.

Where there’s a need for immunity, there’s a crime – Green climate fund looking to UN for diplomatic immunity protection from lawsuits.
Posted on March 24, 2012 by Anthony Watts

It seems to me, that if you are asking for immunity up-front, you already know that something has been done that without immunity, would land somebody in the slammer. From Fox News:

Mammoth new green climate fund wants United Nations-style diplomatic immunity, even though it’s not part of the UN

“EXCLUSIVE: The Green Climate Fund, which is supposed to help mobilize as much as $100 billion a year to lower global greenhouse gases, is seeking a broad blanket of U.N.-style immunity that would shield its operations from any kind of legal process, including civil and criminal prosecution, in the countries where it operates. There’s just one problem: it is not part of the United Nations.”
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H/T to Anthony Watts.

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