Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Warmingistas" by Joe Bastardi!


Joe Bastardi (formerly of the "AccuWeather channel" until he couldn't stomach the global warming mantra they are pushing any longer!) is weighing in on the "global warming alarmists over at Real Science ... and he is naming names and exposing agendas! Amazing work Joe and Steve! (Mr. Bastardi's comments are in the "comments" section of Steve's post.)

Thanks for the kind words, but most of us ( Steve included) know where this is going overall the next 20-30 years. N America has been the warm heart of a cooling planet. For the record, I expect a weak to perhaps moderate el nino to evolve this summer into winter, and while that will push global temps up a bit, double la ninas followed by el ninos with a cold PDO means the break we had this year in N America is not likely to repeat next year. Europe is likely to have another severe stretch, which would make it 4 winters in a row year to deal with a cold extreme. While I officially have forecasted global temps , as measured by objective satellites, to return to the temps of the late 70s by 2030, I must confess that some of the more extreme forecasts due to solar cycle theory certainly have reason to have a seat at the table.

The real shame is that we are now handcuffed by out of control warmingistas that have choked the lifeblood of our nations economy and find ourselves in a real bind as far as energy because of a ghost that never existed, and a reality that has a good chance of proving the opposite. Its amazing how many problems would be solved if we were just drilling without the paranoia about global warming. A more prosperous economy, less unemployment, more national security, and right on down the line. Years from now, people will marvel at how all this actually went on, perhaps with the same morbid fascination we look at what happened at Europe in the 30s. Tell a big enough lie loud enough , and people believe it.

.... One more thing, sorry I forgot.. A Hansen Super Nino watch is in effect. Once he realizes that the Nino is coming on (I posted last year when he was screaming about one for this past winter to wait till the following winter.. the one coming up in 12-13, though it would be weak) he will yell from the roof tops about a super nino, oblivious to the fact that we have a cold PDO and ninos are shorter lived and weaker.

I guess the 1 million or so he gets on the side of his government job by doing all this consoles him, but the watch is in effect anyway
The global warming house of cards is falling. The unfortunate thing, as Joe points out, is that millions, alas billions of humans will suffer due to the charade of "global warming" by governments and "global warming scientists."

And who will hold them accountable for the misery and loss of life so they can line their pockets?

Yahweh will hold them accountable.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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