Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yahweh, Day 231

Day 231


to 'profane' The Name

"Then I had concern for My holy name, which the house of Israel profaned among the nations where they went. "Therefore, say to the house of Israel: This is what the Lord God says: It is not for your sake that I will act, house of Israel, but for My holy name, which you profaned among the nations where you went. I will honor the holiness of My great name, which has been profaned among the nations-the name you have profaned among them. The nations will know that I am Yahweh"-the declaration of the Lord God -"when I demonstrate My holiness through you in their sight."
Ezekiel 36:18-23 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

To 'profane' God's name is the equivalent of treating Yahweh with contempt. This is really rather simple to accomplish ... simply live as though there is no God. Ignore Him, deny Him, avoid Him, speak ill of Him, try to live without Him ... all examples of profaning The Name.

Then ... make no mistake ... you will find one day that Yahweh will use you to demonstrate the consequences. You will become a living illustration for all to see.

This is in The Name.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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