Monday, November 21, 2011

Proof for the existence of God

If you want a real-time current proof of the existence of God you don't have to look far. Just watch the weather.

Last week 193 nations were represented in Uganda to listen one more time to the IPCC predict that humanity is warming the planet, and saying that we also can cool the planet if we just reduce our "carbon footprint."

This is a regular event, for nearly 200 governments of our world to flatly state that humans are in control of the earth's climate.

So, instead of warming, we are getting the opposite, because man is not God, and God won't let the governments of our world act like we are God.

The cooling of the earth is direct and live evidence of the God of creation demonstrating that He is, and He will not be ignored by the governments of man.

Remember the Tower of Babel in Genesis? Man boasted that man would not be divided. God said something like, "Oh Yea!"

Same level of a dramatic, direct, response by God today, to the arrogance and boasting of mankind.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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