Monday, September 26, 2011

The Chaplains Corner

The Chaplains Corner

Guest blogger, Chaplain Paul, is one of the most effective chaplains in America today. He is an emergency responder to every situation.

Hey, this is the Chaplain again.

Saturday afternoon we had our annual Cardboard Boat Races out at the State Park. It was great; everyone had a lot of fun. And I learned something. If you build your boat out of cardboard sooner or later you’re going to sink.

Cardboard just doesn’t do well in water, no matter how much duct tape you use. As I watched those boats fall apart it reminded me of the Apostle Paul’s teaching in First Corinthian chapter 3. He’s talking about how we build our lives. And I like the way the ‘Message’ translates this passage, it reads.
“There is only one foundation, Jesus Christ. Take particular care in picking out your building materials. Eventually there is going to be an inspection. If you use cheap or inferior materials, you'll be found out. The inspection will be thorough and rigorous. You won't get by with a thing.” (1 Cor. 3:11-12 MSG)
The Cardboard Boats were tried by water and that can be pretty funny to watch. But the Bible says your life will be tried by fire. If all your labors are burned up that won’t be anything to laugh about.

What are you using to build your life with? Have you even stopped to consider the kind of building you’re putting up? Will it last for eternity? I remember a plaque I saw one time - it said;
‘Only one life will soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last’.
That’s true you know. How’s your building?



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