Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rainbow Flag at the Richmond Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond Va. has joined in the culture wars taking place in America.

from the NY Times
Rainbow Flag Goes Up; Letters Flow In

RICHMOND, Va. — The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond ran a rainbow flag up its flagpole last week and has been hearing about it ever since.

From conservative groups who are outraged. From gay rights groups who are pleased ... The bank unfurled the flag on June 1, at the request of a group of gay and lesbian employees in honor of gay pride month.

Jim Strader, a spokesman for the bank, said the bank had fielded hundreds of phone calls and as many e-mails about the flag. The flag, he said, symbolizes “values of being open and inclusive,” and shows that the bank is “a place that doesn’t discriminate.”

One of the most popular arguments by the flag’s opponents was that the bank is a government institution and so should not be displaying a flag that promotes a cause. And now that they are, the argument goes, they have an obligation to other causes.

Mr. Strader’s response is that the bank is in fact privately owned, as are all regional Federal Reserves, and that it considers requests by employees — this was the first one — but not the general public.....

OK ... so the Federal Reserve is not a government bank but rather a "privately owned" bank according to Mr. Strader. That will be news to most Americans ... but that is another story.

So ... Mr. Strader ... will you honor a potential request from Christian employees to fly the Christian Flag ... say ... during Easter ... or Christmas?

Or ... why not fly the Muslim Flag during Ramadan? Or why not fly the Mexican Flag during Cinco de Mayo?

Now ... Mr. Strader ... you said the bank does want to be "open minded and inclusive" ... Mr. Strader ... Mr. Strader ....

xtnyoda, shalomed

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