Monday, June 13, 2011

More Global Warming Child Abuse

Andrew Weaver, global warming alarmist, has decided that since he can't convince gray headed engineers that know real science, then one must turn to trying to convince youth with his propaganda.

Tom Nelson's post
Andrew Weaver apologizes for being late for the interview but explains he was giving a lecture to his daughter’s class at Lambrick Park secondary school in Victoria.

“It may be a provocative statement, but I’ll say it anyways: I’m fed up speaking with the stereotypical angry, retired, grey-haired engineer,” explained the University of Victoria professor and global warming guru.

“They’re stuck in their ways and think everything can be fixed and that this is not a big problem.”

Since 1989 Weaver has been studying climate issues and, more recently, trying to get governments to act decisively to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, largely from burning of fossil fuels. He’s now come to the conclusion that the federal government isn’t interested, and that it’s time to concentrate on Canada’s youth — the next generation of leaders.....

At least he is admitting that adults are hard to convince of the hype. That is good news, and really rather refreshing to hear from the former Noble Prize winner ... winning his prize with the global warming lie.

So .... you are turning to children? Don't you remember the disappointment in children when they learn that there really is no Santa Clause? This one's going to be even harder to defend Mr. Weaver ... at least Santa brought toys instead of robbing children for a lie.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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