Sunday, June 26, 2011

Daily Nugget

Sunday, June 26th, 2011.

Today's cherished Nugget from guest blogger Pastor Bill.

"On earth join all ye creatures to extol Him first, him last, him midst, and without end."
(John Milton, 1608–1674)

All creatures (to include you and me) at all times must praise and thank God in and for all things. John records these words of The Lord in Revelation 1:8:
“I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.”
To make a long story short, we must pray daily, study the Word for guidance, and walk in the will of Lord, trusting Him in our every step.

"God, help me to be that man of character for my wife, my children, grandchildren, family, and friends.

Bro. Bill

God is Good...all the time



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