Friday, March 11, 2011

"Enough oil to COMPLETELY REPLACE all imports"

Tom Flake, posting over at Brutally Honest ... has done his home work and has make a remarkable discovery about our actual oil capability right here in the continental United States.

Believe me ... you will want to follow the link and read his entire post ... graphs and all.

By Tom Flake

My mother recently forwarded me one of those emails that make the rounds either offering some amazing discovery or incredible wealth creation by working with someone in Nigeria. In this case it was an email that had apparently been around for quite some time, claiming that the United States had vast quantities of oil, more than the entire Middle East and more than enough to wean us off of Middle East oil and its attendant problems.

It didn't pass the smell test, so I went to the urban myth debunkers and did some research. This presented a problem. While Snopes took the position that the email was bunk, their article seemed to confirm some of what was in the email. So I did additional research and found some amazing facts.

Tom Flake at Brutally Honest

You will probably even be motivated to do something about what you read ... I certainly just have.

Consider and Ponder.

xtnyoda shalomed

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