Tuesday, February 22, 2011

N. Korea begs for food

One almost has to read between the lines to get the real news in this story ... and the real news is that the devastation of the brutally cold winter has destroyed crops around the world ... and some of our more repressed nations are beginning to feel the pressure of global cooling.

Washington Post
TOKYO - North Korea recently took the unusual step of begging for food handouts from the foreign governments it usually threatens.

Plagued by floods, an outbreak of a livestock disease and a brutal winter, the government ordered its embassies and diplomatic offices around the world to seek help.

The request has put the United States and other Western countries in the uncomfortable position of having to decide whether to ignore the pleas of a starving country or pump food into a corrupt distribution system that often gives food to those who need it least......

Awakening is coming ... but for millions it will be too late ... and they will have a complicit media and corrupt governments to thank.

God ... have mercy.

xtnyoda, shalomed



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