Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Chaplains Corner

The Chaplains Corner

Guest blogger, Chaplain Paul, is one of the most effective chaplains in America today. He is an emergency responder to every situation.

Hey, this is the Chaplain again.

I was at a local business the other day and walked pass the bathroom - it had a sign on the door, "KNOCK BEFORE ENTERING"; I thought that was a pretty good idea. And, that sign also reminded me of a Bible verse. In Revelation 3:20 Jesus said,
"I'm standing outside the door of your heart, knocking. If you will open the door I will come in."
That's an amazing picture, the Lord, Jesus Christ patiently waiting for you and me to open the door of our life so that He can come in. Why would He even want to come into my life and yours? The Bible says that the human heart can be a wicked, sin-filled place. Why would the Lord want to come into a place like that?

To clean it up; because He loves us.

You know how dirty sin makes you feel. Jesus can fix that. He will come into your life, forgive every sinful thing you've ever done and make you a new person - from the inside out. All you and I have to do is open the door and invite Him in.

Listen, He will not push the door open - but He gently knocks. And He will come in - if you invite Him. That gentle knock you hear? It could be the Lord.

Will you open the door?



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