Wednesday, February 02, 2011

In the absence of leadership, voids are filled with fundamentalism

No need of comment from me... I again present you The Borg Conspiracy today!

Voids are appearing all over the middle east. From Lebanon to Tunisia, from Egypt to Jordan, from Yemen to the Sudan. These voids are being created by a quantum shift in geopolitical realities, set into motion by actions and lack of action on the part of the rest of the world. The middle east is in the midst of being transfigured into a new regional reality based upon the rise of an enriched and beligerant Islamic leadership.

In the absence of leadership, voids are created and ultimately those voids are filled by those willing to assume the power. America and to a lesser extent the west, have stood as the counter balance to the tribalism of Muslim Africa and most of middle eastern Asia since the end of WWII.

When the last great world war ended, the world was quite a different place. The sands of Arabia and Persia and northern Africa were not that far removed from the Bedouin herders and tribesman who had inhabited the region since biblical times. But something changed and the something that changed was oil and the massive wealth that followed.

Over the course of the last seventy years, the world has enriched and transformed the middle east and northern Africa with our petro dollars and the wealth of these former territories of abject squalor, is now being brought to bear to fulfill the directives of Sharia Islam and the Quran.

Make no mistake, Islam has been at war with the west and the infidel for a thousand years, but they haven't really had the means or ability to carry forth that war on any winnable scale. Now they have the means to produce the scale of war that can defeat their enemies and we have provided it to them.

As the wildfire of militant Islam consumes the middle east, there will be those who will call for peace, moderation and compromise. These voices will call for a return to the supposed peaceful tenants and teachings of the prophet. But what will soon be realized by those who are observant, is that there is no peace in Islam, as there truly isn't any militancy once you understand it.

What the west confuses for militancy is in reality fundamentalism. Muslims who are practicing and following Jihad against the west are not practicing militancy, they are practicing fundamentalism. They are following what 'their book' tells them is the path to righteousness.

So as each of these states and kingdoms falls and each are replaced with what we consider militant radicalism, just remember this. These Muslims are not being radicalized, they are being led back to the true nature of their religion and it's teachings.

The world is not seeing the rise of Islamic militancy, the world is seeing the rise of Islam as it truly is. And we have financed it and allowed it to happen.

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