Thursday, January 20, 2011

There is some pretty good discussion going on regarding the below video that is posted over at Brutally Honest. I thought some pretty salient points are being made that we would and should consider on the call for repealing obamacare.

Here are a few of the responses to the gentle-woman's statement that obamacare is mandated by the constitution.
.... “This bill as been vetted, this bill is constitutional…”

Yea, it was vetted so much that the then Speaker of the House, Pelosi, said “We had to pass the (healthcare) bill so we can know what’s in it”.

As far as being constitutional, that will be decided, but as of today there are 26 state attorney generals who think otherwise.
“…and it protects the constitutional rights of those who ask the question - ‘Must I die, must my child die, because now I am disallowed from getting insurance?’

Disallowed? Who’s “disallowed” from getting insurance?

I missed the part where the constitution says - “Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and healthcare”. Maybe Rep. Lee has a different copy than mine. Never mind that it’s in the Declaration of Independence.

Posted by: tim akak The Godless Heathen | Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 03:15 PM

It is interesting when Healthcare is proposed as a "right". If it is a right, it is unique amongst the other rights listed in the Bill of Rights. You know, that curious portion of the Constitution that is actually in the Constitution.
What I mean by unique amongst all other rights is that while:
You have a Right to Freedom of Religion, the government doesn't provide Bibles.
You have a Right to Assembly but the government doesn't provide halls in which to do it.
You have a Right to bear arms, but the government doesn't buy you a firearm and ammunition.
You have a Right to freedom of the press but the government doesn't buy you a printing press and ink.

You get the picture, by putting forth the notion that healthcare is a right, those who do so are also putting forth the notion that, at the point of a gun, the government has an obligation to take your children's money (you see yours is all gone) and give it to you neighbor to treat their erectile disfunction, pay for their abortion or otherwise pay for services that they cannot afford.....

Posted by: Tom Flake | Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 04:19 PM

Those who put forth the notion that "health care" is a "right" are positing that one person has the "right" to another persons time and treasure. How does this jibe with the notion that one of the inalienable rights is the right to liberty? If you claim, as your "right", the fruits of MY labor (be they money paid in taxes, OR my professional skills, if I am in the medical field), does that not make me, at least in part, your slave?

Posted by: Shifty1
Interesting comments, insightful comments, and interesting days ahead.

We'll see how long the 'progressives' stay 'civil' as the debate heats up... and obamacare is either voted down or stripped on any financial resource.

Thanks for the discussion men.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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