Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It Is Not Winter Yet

Yahweh is trying to get arrogant Man's attention.

He is going to make a fool of the alarmists... and many more people are going to suffer deeply... and frigidly this winter.

CNBC weather
Heavy Snow Causes Severe Disruption in Europe

Heavy snow and subzero temperatures swept across Europe, killing at least eight homeless people in Poland, closing major airports in Britain and Switzerland and causing hundreds of highway accidents.

...Freezing weather conditions and heavy snow have forced Scotland's main airport to close for the day.

Gatwick, London's second largest airport, and Geneva, a major hub for low-cost carrier Easyjet, were forced to shut down Wednesday....

Eurocontrol, the central air control agency, reported severe flight delays in northern Spain, southern Germany and Austria.

In Poland, police said eight men died Tuesday night after a bitter cold front roared in, with temperatures falling to around -20 Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit). Police spokesman Mariusz Sokolowski said the men, from different parts of the country, had been drinking. The eastern Polish city of Bialystok hit -26 Celsius (-15 Fahrenheit) on Tuesday night.

Winter weather caused some 2,000 accidents on German roads Tuesday, officials said.

....Officials at Gatwick, south of London, said the airport would remain closed until early Thursday, stranding about 600 flights that were expected to leave Wednesday....

....Britain's transport links with the rest of the world were disrupted by the early winter snowfall as key airports closed Wednesday and international Eurostar train services were cut....

....Geneva's airport will be closed until at least 6 p.m. (1700 GMT) Wednesday, a spokesman said.

Zurich, Switzerland's biggest airport, reported delays and cancellations...Airport spokeswoman Sonja Zoechling said officials anticipate heavy snowfall there Wednesday afternoon...

Some 60 flights were canceled at Frankfurt airport, Germany's largest, since planes were not able to fly in Tuesday...

Swiss weather agency Meteosuisse forecast more snow throughout the day...

....Heavy snowfall forced more than 7.000 trucks to park over night in central and eastern France as 12 regions banned their use. ...

...."We've got unusually cold air over large parts of the eastern Atlantic, and where that meets warm air coming for example from the Mediterranean you have a lot of snow," said meteorologist Heinz Maurer.

....La Brevine, in northwestern Switzerland, recorded temperatures of -31 degrees Celsius (-24 Fahrenheit) overnight, Maurer said.

Even the undersea Channel Tunnel was hit with travel delays due to the snow. Six Eurostar trains to and from London were canceled and delays on other services were expected.

In Ireland, flights from Dublin airport were temporarily suspended early Wednesday while thick snow and ice was cleared from a main runway. But with many schools closed and many minor roads impassable due to snow, authorities urged drivers to stay home unless absolutely necessary.

....Snow and freezing temperatures forced French aviation authorities to cancel 116 flights from Lyon airport today and brought 10,000 trucks to a halt, officials said.

....In Poland, police were carrying out patrols to find homeless people and get them into shelters. The bad weather was also blamed for a collision between a tram and a car that killed one person in Szczecin.

God... have mercy.

xtnyoda, shalomed



Blogger Locutisprime said...

No hurricanes to strike the US in the last five years since Katrina. And last winter the coldest on record on many places globally, followed by more coming this winter.

I say God is in charge and his will determines nature.

5:02 PM  
Blogger XtnYoda said...

And... Man is not God!

God Bless!

9:17 PM  

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