Friday, December 03, 2010

"Green Santa" or No Christmas

One more round for the child abuse/global warming criminals.

This time it's coming out of England from a group called Chief Productions.... and they are telling children that if they don't "green-up" then Santa won't be coming for Christmas... no kidding.

North West Media
Manchester indie, Chief Productions is warning children to think green - or Christmas may have to be cancelled...

“Climatologist Dr Maurice Bergs has made a truly shocking discovery! As a result of global warming, Santa's runway is melting, which means that his sleigh and reindeers may not be able to take off this year – Christmas may have to be cancelled! The only hope remaining lies with the children of the United Kingdom. By making green pledges, they could help to save the runway and, most importantly, make sure that they get their presents on Christmas Day!”

Go HERE for the Green Santa propaganda video

One more brick in the alarmist's house of evil... perpetrated against children.

This is child abuse.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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