Sunday, November 21, 2010

How Liberalism self-destructed

JOEL KOTKIN of Politico has pretty well nailed it. I'm not sure that Joel really understands what he accurately describes... the rape of the Democrat Party by political progressives... who are not constitutional Americans... but rather Karl Marx Socialists.... but he at least has enough sense to understand what Americans have said during our recent election.
Democrats are still looking for explanations for their stunning rejection in the midterms — citing everything from voting rights violations and Middle America’s racist orientation to Americans’ inability to perceive the underlying genius of President Barack Obama’s economic policy.

What they have failed to consider is the albatross of contemporary liberalism.

Liberalism once embraced the mission of fostering upward mobility and a stronger economy. But liberalism’s appeal has diminished, particularly among middle-class voters, as it has become increasingly control-oriented and economically cumbersome....

Modern-day liberalism, however, is often ambivalent about expanding the economy — preferring a mix of redistribution with redirection along green lines. Its base of political shock troops, public-employee unions, appears only tangentially interested in the health of the overall economy....

....Often eager to micromanage people’s lives, contemporary liberalism tends to obsess on the ephemeral while missing the substantial. Measures such as San Francisco’s recent ban on Happy Meals follow efforts to control the minutiae of daily life ... contemporary liberals seem more concerned about controlling soda consumption and choo-chooing back to 19th-century urbanism. ...

If this defines success, you have to wonder what constitutes failure.

By all appearances the progressive's assault on the Democratic Party is hell bent on shoving it further to the left... and thereby further diminish the Democrats presence in Washington and our state capitols as well.

I don't think the progressives will ever figure out that Americans love their freedom... and their idea of freedom is not to have a government that grabs control of their lives in order to save them from themselves. And... that's fine... progressive's madness will further marginalize them until they will one day appear as an asterisk in the history of humanities desire for someone to save them from themselves.

Until then... freedom lovers will insist on living their lives based on bearing the brunt of responsibility for their own lives and actions... however bright or ignorant their choices might be.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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