Monday, July 05, 2010

Day 94


Leads Prisoners to Prosperity

Sing to God! Sing praises to His name.
Exalt Him who rides on the clouds—
His name is Yahweh — and rejoice before Him.

5 A father of the fatherless
and a champion of widows
is God in His holy dwelling.

6 God provides homes for those who are deserted.
He leads out the prisoners to prosperity...

Psalm 68:4-6 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

Yahweh "leads out the prisoners to prosperity..."

These 'prisoners' are not criminal prisoners such as murders, rapists, extortioners, etc... rather... these are prisoners due to conscience sake. These are prisoners because of their 'faith' and biblical convictions.

While there is place for efforts to convert the moral criminals in a society... these are not those spoken of here.

Biblical 'prosperity' is descriptive of one who finishes what one has started... therefore the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 52:13 - chapter 53, was said to have prospered exactly because He came to die for the sin of mankind... He finished what He came to do.

It will be the same for those held prisoner due to moral conviction... they will prosper in that which they have put their hands to.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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