Friday, July 02, 2010

Brian's Blast...

He's Right of Right!!!

Brian is sharing some thought provoking information about the Gulf Oil Crisis/Spill.

Obama Wants The Oil Spill Crisis To Get Worse
This whole situation is making the statement "Never let a crisis go to waste," true. Here comes carbon taxes and another marital law crisis like Katrina.

Why has President Obama waited over two months into the BP oil spill crisis before accepting offers of international assistance that were there from the very start, seemingly waiting for hurricanes to hit the region which will only make the crisis worse?

Obama’s acceptance of international help is too little, too late – over two months late to be exact.
We now learn that he is starting the process of allowing international help, a process that will take weeks or months and will likely be strangled and restricted by the EPA anyway.

Full story Here.



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