Monday, June 14, 2010

The United States Ambassador to the United Nations has left the door open to have the United Nations involved in an investigation of our United States Military.

Weekly Standard article
Rice Accepts Possibility of International Investigation of U.S. Military
BY Daniel Halper June 14, 2010

Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the UN and member of Barack Obama's cabinet, opened the door for the possibility of an international investigation into the U.S. military on Fox News Sunday yesterday. Here's the relevant part of the exchange:

Chris Wallace: And a simple question: Would the U.S. accept foreign participation if this country were investigating actions by the U.S. military?

Susan Rice: I think it depends on the circumstances, Chris.

Naturally, this question came up during an exchange about the pro-Hamas flotillas that Israel prevented from reaching its shores. But it's an extraordinarily short-sighted statement for Rice to make.

President Barack Obama is a wartime president, with many soldiers under his command in Iraq and Afghanistan. Should these heroes be subject to the findings of an investigation conducted by, say, Libya, Russia, and Venezuela? Of course not. And that's why someone in Rice's position should not even allow such a scenario to enter into the realm of possibilities.

So Ms. Rice would be willing to consider anti-American nations to sit in judgment on our military?

This is maddness, esp. during a time of war as we are in this day... and we are going to subject our warriors to the hateful oversight of much of the world... as represented in the United Nations? Why would Chris Wallace even ask such a question?

Why not just give control of our military operations over to the UN? I would imagine there are many at the UN that would love that opportunity.

There must be some consideration underway in high places.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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