Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chaplain Paul has been a responder to the recent flooding in Southwest Arkansas... one of the greatest natural tragedies in Arkansas history.

Here is his report as of now. Please keep him, the other responders, and the families involved in this tragedy in your prayers... and for the search efforts underway to locate all the missing persons.

Thank you Chaplain Paul... from all of us.

Dear Friends,

Just a short note to ask for your prayers for the folks that are still waiting for the recovery of family members washed down the Caddo River where I have been most of yesterday and today.  

One young man, in his twenties, that I spent some time with was in a small camper with his wife, their three year old daughter and his mother in law.  In the middle of the night they were awaken by the water rushing into their camper and then the camper was in the water.  They were thrown into the ragging torrent, in total darkness.  He told me how desperately he tried to hold the baby and his wife, but within in seconds they were gone.  Now he sits alone waiting... 

That is just one of many heart wrenching story I heard.  There really is not anything you can say to make those situations better.  As so often is the case, Chaplaincy is simply a ministry of presence. 

I’m sure the recovery efforts will continue for several days as hundreds of volunteers search for those missing.  You can also pray for their safety; it’s a dangerous business.  The snakes are everywhere.  And continue to pray for the Chaplain; I do plan on going back to assist the families and the responders. 

Thank you for your support and prayers.  You are my partners as you hold the prayer-line that connects us, and anchors us to the Lord. 

Your weary fellow servant,

Chaplain Paul Northcut.



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