Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Dying has started

I am terribly sorrowful to share this report.  The adverse effects of the arrogance of nations declaring that humanity can control the climate of the earth has begun.  Yahweh, have mercy.  There will be many more stories like this coming out this winter I am afraid.

  Number of winter deaths in Wales increases by half

Health boards in Wales have warned of 'unprecedented demand' on services this winter as figures show big rise in excess deaths last winter

The number of excess winter deaths in Wales increased by 50% last year, according to new figures.
Statistics released this morning show that there were 1,900 excess winter deaths in 2012-2013, up from 1,260 in 2011-2012.

This is an 18.8% increase that the number of deaths outside the winter months.

Of these, 1,100 were in aged 85 and above, while 400 were aged between 75-85 and 200 were aged between 65-74.

Last year saw one of the coldest winters in recent times, with the impact of the cold temperatures taking its toll on many services.

Winter 2012-13 was characterised by a milder than average December, followed by a prolonged period of lower than average temperatures. March 2013 was the coldest since 1962 with an average monthly temperature of just 2.6°C.

The figures are in line with 2010-2011, which saw 1,960 deaths and was also one of the harshest winters in recent decades......

Read the rest of the story here. 



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