Tuesday, July 02, 2013

How many children do you have?

Losing a child to death brings a myriad of emotions ...                    

all complicated ... all different ... all difficult.

Silent Grief speaks today about ... numbers ...

"How many children do you have?" is a question we get asked all of the time. When child loss occurs sometimes we don't know what to say -- not because we don't want to mention our child who is not here with us, but because we don't want to deal with the reaction of others when we tell them. Some parents find it very easy to say, "I have one child in heaven, and two on earth" while others will say, "I have two living children." The bottom line is saying a child died makes it real and sometimes our hearts are just not in a place to deal with that much pain. So, we answer the question of how many children we have according to the situation as well as how strong we're feeling at the moment, and that's fine. There is no right or wrong way in the world of grief. Please don't lay unnecessary guilt on your already broken heart!
Father, Yahweh, I pray today for Silent Grief, and all who have lost a child. or a grandchild.  I pray that You will hold them as close to Your heart as You hold the child they love and lost.

Father, bless them today.

xtnyoda, shalomed



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