Friday, September 21, 2012

Yahweh: Day 270

  Day 270
Yahweh: ... Praise The Name

    "You will have plenty to eat and be satisfied.
    You will praise the name of Yahweh  your God,
    who has dealt wondrously with you.”
Joel 2:26-27 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

Have you ever considered the biblical definition for the Hebrew word, praise?  In English it would be spelled as “hâlal” and pronounced  haw-lal'.  It is one of the two words that make up the word ‘Hallelujah’.  The first ’Hallelu’ being the ’Hebrew word halal’ for praise, then the ’jah’ is the abbreviation for God’s name, Yahweh.  This is usually translated as “Praise the Lord” but now you can see that it is actually, simply, and exquisitely, “Praise Yahweh.”

 Let’s take a look today at the definition for ‘halal’ as given in the “Strong’s Dictionary” of bible words:
A primitive root; to be clear (originally of sound, but usually of color); to shine; hence to make a show; to boast; and thus to be (clamorously) foolish; to rave; causatively to celebrate; also to stultify: - (make) boast (self), celebrate, commend, (deal, make), fool (-ish, -ly), glory, give [light], be (make, feign self) mad (against), give in marriage, [sing, be worthy of] praise, rage, renowned, shine.
Today, let us consider making God’s name shine.  To know The Name so that we can boast, rave, celebrate, commend, clamor foolishly, glorify and stultify The Name, Yahweh.

This is in the name.


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