Saturday, January 21, 2012

Joe Bastardi hammering Warming Alarmists

Joe Bastardi, of Weatherbell Analytices, formerly of The Weather Channel, has had a belly full of the lies and coverup by the global warming alarmists.

I strongly suspected that Joe's growing concerns over the lying alarmists was a major reason for his departing The Weather Channel a year or so ago, and this new release by Joe adds to that feeling. He gets pretty down right explicit in his revelations about what is going on with the economy and the mess coming out of the EPA and Washington, and the tremendous negative economic impact on our nation and the world.

Of course the poorest people are the ones that are being most severely hurt by all of this, the least of these, as Christ would say.

Global temps in a Crash as AGW proponents Crash the Economy
By Joe Bastardi, Weatherbell Analytics

When the PDO turned cold, most of the meteorological and climate community understood that the pattern was turning very similar the last time of the PDO reversal, the 1950s, and it was a matter of time before the global temperatures, which have leveled off, would start falling in the same herby jerky fashion they had risen when the PDO turned warm at the end of the 1970s. I am not going to rehash the sordid details of how the AGW crowd simply ignores the major drivers of a cyclical nature. We all know that. Nor am I going to question them as to why they believe a trace gas like co2 (needed for life on the planet) with a specific gravity of 1.5 as compared to the atmospheres 1.0, was going to mix with air in a way to affect the earth’s temperatures. Instead I am going to drive home points I have been making since 2007 and are now dramatically validating.
Currently, with gas so high because we are being handcuffed by an administration that won’t drill (if gas was a 1.50 lower, it would be worth a half trillion dollars to the economy) and an EPA that is causing untold economic damage (I would conservatively etiolate a half trillion dollars, from jobs lost to burdensome regulations) along with a 100 billion dollar subsidy to fight global warming world wide, it is costing each ACTUAL TAX PAYER close to 7000 dollars (1.1 trillion divided by 150 million tax payers).

One has to wonder, how even the most dogmatic of them don't look at the actual facts, how they can continue to carry on their denial while the results of such things handcuff the American economy and cause untold misery for many as our wealth is not only redistributed, but dwindles. One can only conclude this is being done on purpose, and with purpose.

Go read the full PDF by Mr. Bastardi, complete with graphs ... then ponder the evil madness of the global warming alarmists, and the damage they are committing to those least able to help themselves.

H/T Mr Bastardi!!!

xtnyoda, shalomed

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